CMC Cloud accompanies DotB to educational technology breakthrough

At the fifth CCloud Talk held on 26 October 2023, Mr. Huynh Duc Huy - CEO of DotB said that CMC Cloud has helped his company optimize resources, cut nearly 70% of costs and ensure that its CRM and EMS services are always stable.

At the talkshow, Mr. Nguyen Cong Y - a cloud computing expert of CMC Telecom and Mr. Huynh Duc Huy - CEO of DotB exchanged and shared experiences on the application of domestic cloud computing in Edtech, which are drawn from the actual deployment of CMC Cloud at DotB. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, education became one of the first areas to be strongly impacted, since it was impossible for students to actually go to class. However, the pandemic also promoted technology development and the application of e-learning solutions and educational software.  As a company specializing in CRM solutions and in-depth management software for Education Management System (EMS), DotB has successfully deployed its solutions at over 100 top training centers in Vietnam after only 5 years of establishment. With the intention of building an all-in-one management system that meets all requirements of a center specializing in teaching foreign languages (English, Chinese, etc.), music, art, etc., DotB needs a strong, stable and flexible platform.

Mr. Huynh Duc Huy- CEO of DotB  at Ccloud Talk

To meet this need, DotB selected the cloud computing solution of CMC Telecom. Accordingly, DotB found that services such as Virtual Server, Storage, Auto scaling, Database as a service, etc. on CMC Cloud have helped it quickly deploy and manage data, increase resources when needed, and minimize unnessary costs. 

Mr. Huynh Duc Huy affirmed: “In term of service quality, CMC Cloud is no lesser than the international cloud platforms we have used. CMC Cloud always ensures a seamless uptime infrastructure to enhance performance, which guarantees that DotB's CRM and EMS services are always stable with almost no downtime. DotB's system operation team also appreciates the new upgraded version of CMC Cloud, which offers more features to optimally use infrastructure and real-time tracking to make operation management easier and smoother. ”.

CMC Cloud has helped DotB cut nearly 70% of costs

“When selecting an infrastructure provider, one of the critical factors that DotB takes into consideration is a secure data management and security mechanism. CMC Cloud provides service packages such as CMC VPC - a private virtual network for customers; CMC Cloud Firewall layer 7 with features such as anti-virus, anti-spam; CMC DDoS, CMC WAF to prevent attacks on customers' web app systems, etc. In addition, CMC Cloud multi region and multi AZ architecture will help strengthen the availability of DotB's system with many server partitions located in different places”, said Mr. Nguyen Cong Y, cloud computing expert of CMC Telecom.

Mr Y also said that, in order to meet the standards set by DotB in particular and the education sector in general, CMC Cloud's virtual server system is continuously upgraded and has become the first Make in Vietnam Cloud platform to move to the 2nd generation.

In this new version, CMC Cloud uses Cloud Native architecture with virtualization technologies including KVM, SDS (Software Defined Storage) and SDN (Software Defined Network). In particular, it integrates Intel Sapphire Rapids - the most powerful and modern chip on the market; unlimited storage capacity with HDD drives, optimal reading and recording speed with 100% All Flash drives, and network bandwidth of up to 40Gbps. These features are all in the highest segment of the market, meeting all needs and ensuring stable performance of up to 99.99%. The same "Pay as you go" principle remains; however, instead of paying monthly/annual costs, for the upgraded version of CMC Cloud, enterprises only need to pay according to their actual daily usage.