CMC Cloud Platform receives Make in Vietnam award

CMC Cloud - the cloud computing platform developed by CMC Corporation has just been honored in the Top 10 outstanding Make in Vietnam digital platforms.

The Make in Vietnam digital technology products award is held by Ministry of Information and Communications from 2021 to honor outstanding digital technology products designed and manufactured in Vietnam. Products of great practical values are recognized in the development of digital economy, digital government and digital society. Honored in the Top 10 outstanding digital platforms, CMC Cloud has proven the technology capacity of CMC Corporation.

CMC Cloud is honored in the top 10 outstanding Make in Vietnam digital platforms. 

CMC Cloud - The comprehensive cloud computing ecosystem for Vietnamese enterprises

CMC Cloud  is researched and developed by CMC Telecom  - a member company of CMC Corporation based on cloud computing platform and uses Infrastructure as Code, an open-source technology. This advance technology is also used by Microsoft, AWS, IBM and Google.

The entire physical system is provided with the most modern equipment from Dell and IBM Power. The system uses exclusive service of international cable connection which is stable with high bandwidth of up to 10Gbps, ensuring service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99%.

Compared to other technology giants in the world, a "local Cloud" like CMC Cloud has many advantages of its own thanks to the understanding of the "taste" of local businesses. Vietnamese enterprises using domestic services will always be guaranteed with easier access to better customer care and 24/7 support. Also, another advantage of domestic enterprises like CMC Telecom is having infrastructure located near customers to allow for fast processing and minimize latency.

Using CMC Cloud, businesses always receive 24/7 support from CMC Telecom's team of senior and experienced experts. 

In addition, CMC Cloud is also a Multi-cloud service that allows customers to use CMC Cloud Portal to directly initiate Cloud Server and manage these "clouds" on the resource infrastructure of Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, or Private Cloud located at the customer's data center. Instead of using each Cloud service separately with many management systems, customers will be able to cut costs and optimize resources and time when using an open platform like CMC Multi-Cloud which is capable of expanding the system in a proactive and quick manner.

The only ‘Make in Vietnam’ cloud platform to receive an award from IFM

Previously, in September 2021, CMC Cloud received the "Best Multi-Cloud Platform 2021" award as voted by IFM (International Finance Magazine) for its ability to directly connect to and simultaneously manage the world's top 3 cloud computing services: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service.

In 2020, CMC Telecom was also recognized by IFM as "The Most Innovative Cloud Service Provider". In addition, CMC Cloud is also the "core" cloud platform in the strategy to promote national digital transformation of  Ministry of Information and Communications.

Mr. Le Anh Vu, Creative Director of CMC Telecom, said: "Many years ago, CMC Telecom has been aware of the trend of applying cloud computing technology and quickly taken a step ahead to develop CMC Cloud - an open ecosystem that supports flexible cross-platform connectivity for Vietnamese businesses. The awards received by CMC Cloud are the recognitions of domestic and international organizations for the efforts to be innovative, technology strength, quality of products and services and outstanding competitiveness on the market of CMC Telecom. At the same time, they also affirm the right development direction and the pioneering position in terms of Cloud services of CMC Telecom in recent times.

Mr. Le Anh Vu, Creative Director of CMC Telecom 

Digital transformation has always been a "buzzword" in recent years, especially since the Covid-19 outbreak. Cloud plays an important role in this process thanks to its elasticity, which is suitable for upsizing or downsizing business.  At the same time, enterprises can avoid being caught in the huge investment problem and save their resources for business production.

In recent years, the business market in Vietnam is aiming at developing a "business ecosystem". In order to meet this increasingly diverse development, more and more businesses are choosing to use various IT infrastructures from different technology firms at the same time. With the current strong speed of transformation, businesses need an "open ecosystem" with high flexibility like CMC CMC Cloud  to easily make use of all available advantages and appropriately apply them to the diverse business needs from many technology suppliers in the world.

CMC Corporation also affirms its position through key business activities in 3 fields: Technology & Solution, Global Business, and Telecommunications.

In its strategy to 2025, CMC aims to become a digital corporation with 10,000 employees and 1 billion USD in revenue, as well as the leading digital transformation service consultant and provider in Vietnam. In addition, CMC also researches and develops products, services and solutions with its own imprint.

This goal is also consistent with the slogan "Make in Vietnam" of Ministry of Information and Communications, which emphasizes on the proactivity of Vietnamese people in creating and designing high-tech products.

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