C-Contract makes it to the Top 10 Make in Vietnam

C-Contract - the electronic contract solution developed by CMC Corporation has just been honored in the Top 10 outstanding Make in Vietnam digital solutions.

On 11 December, the Make in Vietnam digital technology product award held by Ministry of Information and Communication took place. This event aims to honor excellent digital technology products designed, created and manufactured in Vietnam that have great practical values for the development of the digital economy, digital government and digital society. Honored in the top 10 outstanding digital solutions, C-Contract demonstrates the technology capacity of CMC Corporation in creating a solution ecosystem for organizations and businesses.

C-Contract is honored in the Top 10 outstanding Make in Vietnam digital solutions. 

Launched onto the market in January 2021, C-Contract is the electronic contract solution researched and developed by CMC Technology and Solutions Co., Ltd. (CMC TS) under CMC Corporation. The solution was created as the pandemic was having complicated developments and affecting the meeting and signing of contracts between businesses. It serves the needs for digitalization and automates the process of signing e-contracts and e-documents of every organization and business across multple platforms: computers, smart phones and tablets. C-Contract meets the diverse needs for digital signature, from individual transactions to digital government, digital banking, securities transaction, insurance, etc.

C-Contract supports multiple platforms: web, smartphone, tablet. 

Ten months after being launched, to date, C-Contract has been trusted and used by hundreds of corporations, businesses, organizations and joint ventures, such as AhaMove, Giao Hang Nhanh, DHL Vietnam, Suntory Pepsico Vietnam, etc. with a total number of over 1 million users. Mr. Nguyen Kim Cuong – Director of CMC TS Small and Medium Enterprise Solutions said: "C-Contract helps businesses cut 90% of costs and shorten the process from 48 hours to only 1 minute compared to the conventional method of signing contracts and documents by hand".

The entire contract signing process will be automated thanks to C-Contract; the contract document does not need to be printed out and delivered from one place to another to be signed. The storage and management of contracts are also much easier, and businesses can effortlessly search and look up information in the C-Contract system.

In addition, C-Contract also solves the problem of data security when performing remote digital signing with timestamp for authentication and electronic proof to prevent fraud and forgery of electronic documents. To be able to use the system, each user is checked for valid and legal information before being granted an account managed by C-Contract system.

This electronic contract solution assigns functions according to user roles and decentralizes data according to units of the user. Before being stored on the server, each contract signed on C-Contract has its content encrypted, ensuring that the operator cannot access business information.

CMC Corporation also affirms its position through key business activities in 3 fields: Technology & Solution, Global Business, and Telecommunications.

In its strategy to 2025, CMC aims to become a digital corporation with 10,000 employees and 1 billion USD in revenue, as well as the leading digital transformation service consultant and provider in Vietnam. In addition, CMC also researches and develops products, services and solutions with its own imprint.

This goal is also consistent with the slogan "Make in Vietnam" of Ministry of Information and Communications, which emphasizes on the proactivity of Vietnamese people in creating and designing high-tech products.

The C-contract solution is available in both Vietnamese and English, allowing for international businesses in Vietnam to use. Users can register to receive advice and use C-Contract on the digital booth. From now until the end of January 2022, C-Contract will be free of 50% royalty fee and 80% of system integration fee at:    https://cmcts.com.vn/