CMC "scores a brace" in the Top 10 Make in Vietnam digital technology solutions and platforms

The e-contract solution C-Contract and the cloud platform CMC Cloud of CMC Corporation have just been honored at the Make in Vietnam award ceremony held by Ministry of Information and Communications on 11 December 2021.

The Make in Vietnam Digital Technology Product award ceremony took place at the National Convention Center and was hosted by leaders of the Government. This is a national award initiated by Ministry of Information and Communications - the leading agency in the field of information technology, to honor digital technology products created by Vietnamese people that have made valuable contributions to the development of the country. 

At the ceremony, CMC was among the few ICT enterprises to be present on the stage to accept the task of national digital transformation. Mr. Dang Tung Son - Deputy General Director of CMC Telecom - represented the Board of Directors of CMC Corporation to accept the task assigned by leaders of the Government and Ministry of Information & Communications.

Mr. Dang Tung Son - Deputy General Director of CMC Telecom - representative of the Board of Directors of CMC Corporation (second from the right) accepts the task assigned by leaders of the Government and Ministry of Information & Communications.

In his speech to businesses, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chnh affirmed: "Digital transformation is the objective requirement that businesses must meet to develop and catch up with the trend of the time. The successful transformation of businesses will serve the country, the people and the whole community well. Digital transformation must be put in a global view with a global approach - no one can achieve it alone. There must be solidarity, cooperation and eagerness to learn in all businesses in order to serve the people." 

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh speaks at the event.

The path taken by CMC Corporation is in line with the direction of the Government leaders and Ministry of Information and Communications, i.e. digital transformation is to meet the needs of customers and the community towards building a more civilized society.

Also at the event, C-Contract - the electronic contract solution of CMC was honored by Ministry of Information and Communications in the top 10 outstanding Make in Vietnam digital solutions.   The cloud platform CMC Cloud was also honored in the top 10 outstanding Make in Vietnam digital platforms.

C-Contract – The solution to catch up with the trend of electronic contracts

It serves the needs for digitalization and automates the process of signing e-contracts and e-documents of every organization and business across multiple platforms: computers, smart phones and tablets. C-Contract meets the diverse needs for digital signature, from individual transactions to digital government, digital banking, securities transaction, insurance, etc.

C-Contract is honored in the Top 10 outstanding Make in Vietnam digital solutions

Ten months after being launched, to date, C-Contract has been trusted and used by hundreds of corporations, businesses, organizations and joint ventures, such as AhaMove, Giao Hang Nhanh, DHL Vietnam, Suntory Pepsico Vietnam, etc. with a total number of over 1 million users. 

Mr. Nguyen Kim Cuong – Director of CMC TS Small and Medium Enterprise Solutions said: "C-Contract helps businesses cut 90% of costs and shorten the process from 48 hours to only 1 minute compared to the conventional method of signing contracts and documents by hand".

The entire contract signing process is automated thanks to C-Contract. Before, a project of an enterprise could produce tons of documents that need to be hand signed; but now, the signing process is simplified, and the contracts do not need to be printed out and delivered from one place to another to be signed. The storage and management of contracts is also easier. Enterprises can easily search and look up information in C-Contract system.

CMC Cloud – The cloud computing platform to meet digital transformation needs

CMC Cloud is researched and developed by CMC Telecom - a member company of CMC Corporation based on cloud computing platform and uses Infrastructure as Code - the advanced open-source technology used by Microsoft, AWS, IBM and Google. 

CMC Cloud is honored in the top 10 outstanding Make in Vietnam digital platforms .

The entire physical system is provided with the most modern equipment from Dell and IBM Power, and is located at three Tier-3 Data Centers of CMC Telecom. These are the only data centers in Vietnam to be PCI DSS certified and are operated by CMC Technology & Solutions (CMC TS) - the leading company in advising and implementing digital transformation and security solutions for Vietnamese organizations and enterprises. The service exclusively uses an international cable connection system that is stable with high bandwidth of up to 10Gbps, ensuring service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99%.

Compared to other technology giants in the world, a "local Cloud" like CMC Cloud has many advantages of its own, thanks to the understanding of the “taste” of local businessese. Vietnamese enterprises using domestic services will always be guaranteed with easier access to customer care and 24/7 support. Another advantage of domestic enterprises like CMC Telecom is having infrastructure located near customers to allow for fast processing and minimize latency.

In addition, CMC Cloud is also a Multi-cloud service that allows customers to use CMC Cloud Portal to directly initiate Cloud Server and manage these "clouds" on the resource infrastructure of Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, or Private Cloud located at the customer's data center. Instead of using each Cloud service separately with many management systems, customers will be able to cut costs and optimize resources and time when using an open platform like CMC Multi-Cloud which is capable of expanding the system in a proactive and quick manner. In September 2021, CMC Cloud received the "Best Multi-Cloud Platform 2021" award as voted by IFM (International Finance Magazine) for its ability to directly connect to and simultaneously manage the world's top 3 cloud computing services: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service.

Panorama of the event

“Scoring a brace" in the top 10 Make in Vietnam digital technology solutions and platforms, Mr. Ho Thanh Tung - General Director of CMC Corporation, representative of CMC said: "Being honored by the prestigious Make in Vietnam award, CMC affirms that our technology capacity is on par with major domestic and foreign competitors. The award helps CMC have faith to be consistent to our goal of being the leading digital transformation service provider in Vietnam to help domestic enterprises and organizations successfully deploy digital transformation, thus contribute to shaping the new cloud computing (Cloud) and SaaS (service software) market at the top of the cyber security market. This goal is also consistent with the slogan "Make in Vietnam" of Ministry of Information and Communications, which emphasizes on the proactivity of Vietnamese people in creating and designing high-tech products.

CMC Corporation also affirms its position through key business activities in 3 fields: Technology & Solution, Global Business, and Telecommunications. 

In its strategy to 2025, CMC aims to become a digital corporation with 10,000 employees and 1 billion USD in revenue, as well as the leading digital transformation service consultant and provider in Vietnam. In addition, CMC also researches and develops products, services and solutions with its own imprint.