CMC Consulting opens new office

On the morning of June 13, CMC Consulting held a ceremony to open its new office on the 8th floor of CMC Corporation building in Hanoi.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh - Chairman of Board of Directors/Executive President of CMC said: "I am so moved to see how CMC Consulting has changed into a new look after 14 years of development. The company has had new development strategies to transform itself from a service company to a top consulting firm in Vietnamese market. In particular, digital transformation consulting is one of the critical strategies of the company. I am confident that CMC Consulting will achieve it goals and be successful in implementing its strategies. I expect the company to take a long step forward and grow further along the way."

CMC Consulting opens its new office

In addition to individual spaces, CMC Consulting also adds more common ones to the office, including Hot Desk areas for officers and employees to meet with business partners and customers and an Open Space for relaxation, which create an open and cohesive workspace among members of the company.

With the new office, the work teams at CMC Consulting have more space to exchange openly and communicate easily, thus increase work performance. In addition, changing office appearance is also a method used by CMC Consulting to expand the opportunity for each individual to express and empower themselves, thus helping them to have more inspiration and motivation at work, as well as raising their determination and readiness to stand by the Company’s side in conquering the goals set for the new period.

In addition to the change of name in early 2022 and the orientation of becoming a comprehensive digital transformation solution consulting company for businesses, CMC Consulting initially focuses on developing human resources through creating an ideal work environment for its employees. To realize that, the Company decided to invest in office renovation with optimal workspace design. Currently, the company has 6 meeting rooms, consisting of 2 main rooms and a complex of 4 rooms corresponding to 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) to meet the needs for professional workspace of officers and employees.

CMC Consulting's investment in office renovation and efforts to create an ideal work environment are expected to be the premises for the development of human resources of the company, especially the consulting team. In the new period, CMC Consulting continues to build its consulting team towards becoming an elite force of consultants with deep understanding of solutions for the industry. This will be the core team to help CMC Consulting become one of the prestigious consulting and deployment companies to accompany customers in their digital transformation process and contribute to the general development of CMC Corporation, thus continue to lift Vietnam to a higher position in the digital era.

With the right investment in human resources and intelligence, CMC Consulting is committed to becoming one of the leading companies in providing consulting service for comprehensive digital transformation solutions to Vietnamese and international enterprises in the future.