CMC Cyber Security detects vulnerability in Apple's system

The engineering team of CMC CyberSecurity - a member company of CMC Corporation - has been credited by Apple for detecting a vulnerability in its system.

CMC CyberSecurity’s Red Team was just honored by Apple on its Hall Of Fame page. Earlier, the team submitted a report on a security hole in the system of the world's most advanced technology firm that needs to be patched.

Apple announces and acknowledges security hole in two system domains

A representative of CMC Cyber Security Redteam said that the vulnerability is related to decentralization and configuration on Apple's system. After being exploited by the team, token and account to log into the system with administrator authority were taken. With this privilege, hackers can steal information relating to the database of Apple's internal system, causing leaks of sensitive data.

CMC Cyber Security is the leading institution in the field of cybersecurity in Vietnam. CMC Cyber Security's RedTeam was formed in 2019, consisting of security professionals specializing in cybersecurity control for businesses. Its goal is focusing on security vulnerabilities, vulnerability exploitation techniques and actual attack techniques that hackers often use in cyber attacks. The team uses all techniques to find weaknesses in terms of human, processes and technologies that can be abused to illegally access assets of businesses. After carrying out simulated attacks, RedTeam comes up with proposals and plans to strengthen business security. In addition, the team also detects and studies security holes, risks and threats that hackers can exploit in software applications, networks or web applications (Pentest), as well as actively searches for cyber threats that are lurking without being detected in the network (Threat hunting). The findings of CMC Redteam both contribute to the community (through finding and reporting vulnerabilities to system owners in order to patch them) and improve the professional skills and expertise of CMC Cyber Security technicians.

Professionals of CMC Cyber Security’s RedTeam. 

In the field of cyber security, finding security holes is considered a hugely influential contribution. Therefore, active testing to detect vulnerabilities plays a crucial role to help organizations timely update to the newest version, improve product security and protect users across the world from cyber risks.

Before, CMC CS Redteam also discovered many other security holes. The team has been recognized by technology companies around the world such as: Cisco, Mcafee, Vmware, At&t, Shopee - sea, Tiktok, Tesla, etc. as well as has won many individual and team awards.

Over the past years, Apple has publicized numerous compromised vulnerabilities in its website server. In 2021 alone, nearly 1,000 errors related to information security were detected. Particularly, information security institution in Vietnam also contributed positively in the review of the company's security vulnerabilities.

CMC Cyber Security’s Redteam said: "We regularly update reports on vulnerabilities in the systems of Apple and other companies, from which, we research, analyze and scan for further holes. Vulnerabilities are quite often found, especially in the system of large technology companies, so our contribution stems from the desire to bring information security to all users."

Mr. Ha The Phuong - Director of CMC Cyber Security said: "A safe Internet environment is the essential condition for  digital economy to sustainably develop, so the company is very happy and proud of its contributions to help domestic and foreign businesses, because the cybersecurity environment must be fair to all."

Mr. Ha The Phuong - Director of CMC Cyber Security.

CMC Cyber Security Limited Company (CMC Cyber Security) was established in 2008. It is a member company of CMC Corporation - the technology corporation ranked in top 2 in Vietnam. CMC Cyber Security is proud to have a team of professionally trained and internationally successful experts, with the goal of becoming the Corporation's strategic institution in researching and developing information security software and services.

CMC Cyber Security offers anti-virus products to individual users, as well as consulting services and solutions on information security for the systems of organizations/enterprises, such as: Individual anti-virus software (CMC Internet Security), Centralized Anti-Malware and Administration solution (CMDD), Data Encryption Malware Prevention solution (CryptoSHIELD), Website Application Firewall (C-WAF),etc.

CMC Cyber Security desires to bring security solutions that are truly effective with reasonable price and the most professional service quality to individual customers, businesses and organizations in all areas.  The company has won many prestigious awards such as: National Information Security Products (VNISA); ISO 20000 - International Standard for Information Technology Service Management; ISO 27001 - International Standard for Information Security Management; Prominent Security Enterprise in the Asia Pacific (2019).