CMC Blockchain solution helps Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology manage qualifications

At Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, CMC Blockchain solution has helped with the scientific management of qualifications awarded by the school. Through which, the search for and verification of qualifications are also accurate with absolute security.

Why does the Institute look for a solution to manage qualifications?

For years, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology has been managing qualifications by manual data input and archive, which takes a lot of time but still makes it difficult to search for those awarded a long time ago. Therefore, the Institute needs a solution that automatically archives and retrieves digitalized qualifications. After some time of looking into options and considering, the Institute decided to select the Made by CMC Blockchain solution for its step-by-step digital transformation.

What are the advantages of Made by CMC Blockchain solution that the Institute trusts?

With Made by CMC Blockchain solution, qualifications of students are archived as PDF files with  digital signatures verified by a CA issued by Vietnam Government Certification Authority to ensure their legality. This type of file can be verified by international software like Acrobat, Foxit, etc.

Information of the qualification and its supplement in metadata form is also saved in the Blockchain in JSON format with digital signature. To check the qualification, officers can click on a link to a foreign website for verification, ensuring objectivity. The process of awarding the qualification is represented by a detailed transaction (tx) with date, time and reference in the ledger, ensuring integrity and no correction of awarding history.

Moreover, students, candidates and employers can search for qualifications using QR code, full name or qualification number. The legality of information is ensured by digital signature, and the history of awarding the qualification by Blockchain.

The solution has proved to be effective in helping the Institute arrange and improve its qualification management process. After the Institute put CMC Blockchain application into use, its students can retrieve their qualifications in 1-2 seconds and verify digital signature in about 5-10 seconds. Users can also log in the system and check any time without worrying about data loss. When a forged qualification is entered, the system will send an “unable to recognize” notification. This feature helps the Institute prevent frauds in managing qualifications.

CMC's solution comes with features that shorten time, minimize manpower, improve accuracy and human processing performance dozens of times compared to traditional ways. With outstanding advantages, CIST hopes that more universities and educational institutions will select Blockchain solution for their qualification management in the future.