CMC Global's Robotic Processing Automation Service finds its place in Top 10 Make in Vietnam 2023 Awards

CMC Global's Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) service has just been honored in the Top 10 excellent digital technology products for overseas markets at the Make in Vietnam 2023 Awards ceremony held by Ministry of Information and Communications.

The ceremony took place within the framework of the 2023 National Forum on Development of Digital Technology Enterprises. This is the first time Vietnam's Ministry of Information and Communications has partnered with digital technology companies towards achieving global goals. The awards aim to honor companies with outstanding technology products, services and solutions that are successful in the international market.

Mr. Luong Anh Tuan - DU3.11 Chief Product Officer of CMC Global receives the award for Top 10 excellent digital technology products for overseas markets

"We are honored that our RPA service is recognized by Ministry of Information and Communications", said Mr. Luong Anh Tuan, DU3.11 Chief Product Officer of CMC Global. "This award is a testament to the relentless efforts and dedication of CMC Global team, as well as the investment of our management in promoting Digital Transformation services".
CMC Global is providing RPA services including: process transformation consulting, bot design and deployment, testing, operation and training. These services are mainly used by enterprises and clients working in the fields of Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Telecommunications, etc.
RPA is a collection of technologies that help build software for automation of human's daily tasks. With the integration of AI, RPA bots have the ability to learn and adapt to changes in terms of data and structure. This makes it possible for them to accomplish complex tasks without interruption.
With these RPA products and services, CMC Global offers solutions to improve efficiency and automate office tasks; increase productivity; effectively allocate and use resources; optimize costs and save time with high accuracy and flexibility, as well as the ability to monitor, evaluate and improve, thereby solve the problem of human resource shortage and enhance scalability for companies of all sizes.
Currently, CMC Global is a reliable partner of many large domestic and foreign enterprises, including Samsung, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc. To date, CMC Global has deployed RPA services for over 25 large and small clients in Vietnam and around the world with more than 50 active projects in the fields of insurance, communication, banking, manufacturing, aviation and energy.

One of CMC Global's notable RPA projects is the Business Process Automation for a 5-star Southeast Asian airline ranked in top 2 in the world. More than 120 process flows have been deployed by CMC Global for 10 departments, helping the airline save more than 27.000 man-hours and nearly 1 million USD in operating costs per year. The project is still active and highly appreciated by the client.
Mr. Luong Anh Tuan - DU3.11 Chief Product Officer said that RPA and Low-code are the pillars in the upcoming business process automation (BPA) department of CMC Global. The company is striving to lead the new technology wave with digital transformation services associated with technologies such as Low-Code, RPA, AI, Cloud, etc. With a customer-centric approach and the combination of creativity, speed and commitment, CMC is confident to realize its vision of becoming the No.1 RPA service provider in Vietnam and ranked in the Top 10 in the region with RPA services of international standards and global presence.