CMC joins hands with the healthcare industry and people to prevent Covid-19

Donating ventilators to frontline hospitals and meals for people in difficult circumstances, sending equipment to support the pandemic prevention, etc. are noble gestures of CMC Corporation to join hands with the community as the pandemic is having complicated developments

This series of meaningful activities of CMC has started from early June, bringing the total value of sponsorship to more than 22 billion VND. This is a demonstration of CMC's responsibility to the community and the society, spreading a beautiful image of solidarity and engagement as the whole country is fighting against the pandemic.

Sharing with hospitals strained by the pandemic to overcome difficulties

In July, hospitals in Hanoi had to shoulder both duties of fighting pandemic and sending doctors and nurses to support the medical team in the South. The medical staff is facing many difficulties as well as lacking equipment. Understanding that, on the 17th and 18th of August, CMC presented to Hanoi Medical University Hospital and Hanoi Lung Hospital each 3 high flow nasal cannula oxygen systems (HFNC) with worth of 2 billion VND. The systems given by CMC to the hospitals provide 100% of heated and humidified oxygen, which helps to avoid drying of the airway and the inflammatory response caused by the drying of the mucosa, thus helps patients to quickly recover.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luu - Head of Marketing & Communication Department of CMC Corporation said, CMC selects to support hospitals that face many difficulties and lack equipment to fight the pandemic. For example, Hanoi Lung Hospital had to stop admitting patients from the end of July after a series of positive Covid-19 cases was detected here. During the days of lockout, the hospital had many difficulties and lacked medical equipment and supplies.

CMC Corporation presents to Hanoi Lung Hospital 3 HNFC systems with worth of 1 billion VND.

Receiving the gift from CMC, Mr. Pham Huu Thuong - Director of the hospital said: "We thank CMC Corporation for their companionship and support for us to fight the pandemic and take care of patients. As the pandemic is having complicated developments and the demand for medical equipment highly increases, these systems are very valuable. The hospital really appreciates CMC's support."

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luu - Head of Marketing & Communication Department of CMC Corporation presents 3 ventilators to Hanoi Medical University Hospital.

As for Hanoi Medical University Hospital, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh - Deputy Director of the hospital said that, without the help of sponsors like CMC, it would be very difficult for the hospital to treat patients with Covid-19 as well as to complete and put the field hospital in Hoang Mai into operation as soon as possible. The doctors and nurses of Hanoi Medical University Hospital are also working hard day and night to send reinforcement to the South and to build a solid fence for the Hanoi branch at the same time.

In order to support doctors and nurses of National Children's Hospital to deploy vaccination against the pandemic, on 19 August, CMC presented the hospital with a package of consumables including: masks, protective suits, etc. with worth of 1 billion VND. Mr. Trinh Ngoc Hai, Deputy Director of the hospital expressed his thanks to CMC: "In this difficult time, consumables and tools are essential. The gift from CMC is a great source of encouragement for the frontline medical team in the fight against the pandemic. We hope that in the future, the hospital will continue to receive the support and cooperation from CMC. The corporation is a leader in terms of technology solutions and digital transformation, so we hope that CMC will assist us in the digitalization of medical examination and treatment procedures."

Representative of CMC Corporation presents to National Children's Hospital a package of consumables including: masks, protective suits, etc. with worth of 1 billion VND.

In the southern region, where the pandemic situation is becoming more and more complicated, CMC presented 5 ventilators to HCMC University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital and Hoc Mon Hospital on 23 July 2021; as well as donated automated Nucleic Acid extraction systems to HCMC University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital to help reduce testing time and localize the source of infection in the community.

 Donating equipment and supplies to the community to prevent and fight against the pandemic  

In addition to the gifts sent to frontline hospitals, CMC Corporation also joins hands with governmental agencies and citizens who are struggling to overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic. To assist the People's Committee of North Tu Liem District, Hanoi in their disease prevention and control, on 20 August, CMC presented 40 computers with worth of 600 million VND.

CMC presents 40 computers with worth of 600 million VND to the People's Committee of North Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

The Corporation also donated 50 Godex G500 label printers, 300 decals and 50 Wax Premium ink rolls for label printing, of which the total value is 300 million VND, to Hanoi Center for Disease Control. These machines will help with the printing of labels for patients visiting hospitals and medical facilities for medical examination and treatment as well as for vaccination. CMC also donated smart monitoring devices with a total value of up to 6 billion VND to the capital of Hanoi for Covid-19 prevention and control.

In Ho Chi Minh City, officers and employees of CMC TSSG as well as their friends donated 10 computers, 5 printers and 1 scanner to Covid-19 Intensive Care Center under Field Hospital 16 of Bach Mai Hospital.  Mr. Do Ngoc Son, Deputy Director of the Center said: “This is a great source of spiritual encouragement for medical staff in general and staff of the Center in particular. Your companionship has given us strength. Now, the soldiers in white blouse are not alone in this fight against the pandemic, because having our backs is a solid and warm community which is full of love and humanity."

Officers and employees of CMC TSSG as well as their friends donate 10 computers, 5 printers and 1 scanner to Covid-19 Intensive Care Center under Field Hospital 16 of Bach Mai Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

Giving 3,600 gifts and necessities for people in areas affected by the pandemic

Demonstrating "Responsibility" - one of the core values of CMC, officers and employees of the Corporation have also carried out many meaningful activities. Each person of CMC Corporation has prepared a gift for people who are poor, disadvantaged and affected by Covid-19 in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a response to the program of "Sharing love and sympathy in the pandemic" initiated by Ministry of Information and Communications with a budget of up to 160 billion VND.

In total, CMC has given 3,600 gifts which worth more than 1 billion VND. Each gift bag of the program contains essential food items, such as: 5 kg of rice, cooking oil, white sugar, soup powder, soy sauce, pumpkins, potatoes, eggs, etc. to ensure that the meals of Ho Chi Minh City people are still full of nutrients and love from their fellow citizens during this anti-pandemic time.

In the stressful midst of the pandemic, employees of CMC Telecom - a member of CMC Corporation - have organized many meaningful charity activities, including giving fresh vegetables and necessities to people in difficult circumstances in Ho Chi Minh City.

Talking about charity activities of CMC, Mr. Ho Thanh Tung - Deputy General Director said: "The fight against the pandemic may be even longer and fiercer, and no one can predict it. As one of the businesses who always uphold responsibilities to the community, CMC Corporation is always willing to join hands with the government and people across the country in this fight.  We hope that our small gifts will help reduce the burden on the medical team and soon bring our life back to normal."

In the middle of August 2021, the whole country has had more than 300,000 cases of Covid-19; 2,300 medical workers have been infected while carrying out their duties, and people are faced with both the risk of infection and difficulties due to the unprecedentedly long social distancing period.

In that stressful situation, CMC Corporation has acted quickly to protect its workers. Since the beginning of June, CMC employees have been vaccinated. To date, more than 90% of CMC employees nationwide have received the first dose of vaccine and are about to get the second dose.

At offices, CMC strictly complies with the 5K regulation of Ministry of Health and establishes safe Green Zones. In Hanoi, in addition to preparing masks and hand sanitizers for employees, CMC also quickly implements hygiene recommendations at the office. Many webinars have been held to ensure the staff across the country is constantly updated with the most accurate epidemiological information and local situation according to the development of the pandemic.

Except for essential departments, employees are allowed to work from home as required by local authorities. CMC ensures that all employees are fully equipped to work and receive salary in accordance with the labor law to support their living.

In the coming time, if the pressures from the pandemic drag on, CMC will try its best to contribute to realizing the double goal of pandemic prevention and socio-economic maintenance and development by committing to providing essential technology products and solutions to customers.