AI Chatbot - Multilingual virtual assistant to help human answer "10 thousand questions why"

24/7 automated consultation and reply, threading to provide consultation and give responses, knowledge of business data, etc. are the benefits for customers that CMC Institute of Science and Technology (CIST) has in mind when creating CMC AI Chatbot.

Industry 4.0 has made many positive changes in people's lives, especially in the way of how people communicate with each other. Thousands of questions revolve around us everyday: Customers want to see the differences in product and service consultation; Employees inquire about salary and bonuses in the year; Friends ask about the volatility of the real estate market, etc. Thus, AI Chatbot is born to become an "assistant" to help human deal with those problems.

At present, the chatbot market is bustling with various Bot development platforms. In Vietnam, the spotlight can be given to CMC AI Chatbot - a platform developed by CIST. This is a solution that provides a multilingual virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence, which supports automatic replies and mass, natural communication. AI Chatbot is CIST's most complete solution in the AI ecosystem.

In the process of perfecting this solution, CIST always puts customer's interests first. That's why a range of features, including: Consulting and answering automatically 24/7, helping to reduce personnel and operating costs of the customer service system; Optimizing labor costs; Threading for customer consultation; Intellectualizing enterprise data, etc. are deployed.

AI Chatbot created by CIST understands and accurately identifies user requirements and intentions, thanks to the integration of Knowledge Management System (KMS). At the same time, it quickly responds to questions and has the ability to understand complex ones. AI Chatbot is getting smarter by self-learning for continuous improvement. The ability to integrate multiple platforms is also a preeminent feature of AI Chatbot developed by CIST.

Illustration of AI Chatbot's reply.

A corporation under Vietnam Electricity is one of the customers who are very satisfied with CMC AI Chatbot developed by CIST. Coming to CIST, they want to build an automated Chatbot that can reply to questions, thus help employees update their knowledge annually and provide advice on the workflows of the industry. At the same time, CIST must also ensure that CMC Chatbot works on the available big data warehouse of the corporation and optimizes the automation so that it does not take much time and efforts to build and maintain the chatbot.

Not afraid to deal with difficult problems, CIST engineers built a Chatbot system with exclusive improvements to understand the terminology of the electricity industry in general. In addition, a knowledge-based system is automatically built from the available data warehouse of the customer to connect to the chatbot, ensuring that it correctly understands customer's questions and finds the right information from the knowledge warehouse to answer.

AI Chatbot's centralized chat management process.

After experiencing the complete version from CIST, the CMC AI Chatbot solution is highly appreciated for its accurate response to information queries without spending too much effort to build, as it only needs available data as input. An integrated interface which is easy to use and customize is also another advantage of CMC AI Chatbot.