CMDD - "Vaccine"to protect business information system

For most organizations and busineses, the weakest spot in an information security system is the Endpoint devices (Laptop, desktop, mobile phone, IOT, etc.). These contain potential security risks which can easily be exploited. CMDD thus is the solution to help protect business information system.

Organizations and businesses always need to be advised and deployed proactive endpoint security solutions. CMC Malware Detection and Defense (CMDD) is a new-generation solution developed by CMC Cyber Security to help monitor and protect IT system of businesses and organizations.

Currently, the solution has been deployed at Government agencies, national defense and security agencies, as well as many localities and large corporations in Vietnam. At the same time, this solution can also optimize centralized administration, evaluate the safety status of the system in order to help fight against zero-day attacks and even unknown threats from cybercriminals, which are getting more and more sophisticated .

CMDD is a new-generation IT monitoring and protection solution for businesses and organizations, which has been deployed at governmental agencies, national defense and security agencies, as well as many localities and large corporations in Vietnam.

Prominent features of CMDD 

The product is recognized with VB100 certification by Virus Bulletin (VB) - the world's leading body for anti-malware testing and certification. With the maximum score of 100%, CMDD is ranked in the top 17 security products with the best results in the world by VB.

Centralized monitoring system: Allow real-time monitoring, provide a panoramic view of the information security status of each computer in the IT system.

Effectively prevent different types of malicious code: CMDD's Endpoint solution is oriented to become a Next Gen AV combining the traditional identification method based on signatures and the use of behavioral analysis algorithms, integrating AI and Machine Learning to improve efficiency in detecting and blocking even new malicious codes that have never appeared before.

Effectively prevent types of ransomware.

Detect Bonets and APT Attacks: Monitor the botnets that exist in the IT system and the risk of APT attacks.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): The Intrusion Prevention System prevents the risk of vulnerabilities being exploited in systems that have yet been updated with operating system patches.

Setting policies: Information security policies are set up for the system, including policies for Internet usage, USB monitoring or banning, software installation, etc.

Allow information sharing and connection to National Cyber Security Center - Ministry of Information and Communications according to Directive 14/CT-TTg dated 25 May 2018 on improving the capacity of fighting against malware.

The solution helps to monitor the entire system and each and every computer in the system in real time, effectively prevent malicious codes, detect attacks and prevent intrusions, and at the same time enable the establishment of information security policies. As a strategic "Make in Vietnam" security solution of CMC, CMDD also allows connection to National Cyber Security Center for information sharing.

Meeting the strict standards of VB100 with the maximum score of 100%, CMDD has surpassed many well-known domestic and foreign competitors and is on par with the world's leading information security products, such as Avast Free Antivirus, G DATA Antivirus, etc. The fact that it is the only "Make in Vietnam” security product to achieve such result has affirmed CMC's global position in the field of security.