CMC presents Covid-19 testing system to Hoc Mon General Hospital

CMC Corporation presented a Covid-19 testing system worth 5.2 billion VND to Hoc Mon General Hospital on 6 October 2021. The activity is part of CMC's series of charitable activities from the beginning of 2021 to present. It is said that this is the only modern PCR testing system in Hoc Mon and Cu Chi area.

Mr. Pham Van Trung - General Director of CMC Sai Gon Technology and Solution Co., Ltd. represented CMC Corporation to attend the event. On the side of People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, there were Mr. Duong Anh Duc - Vice Chairman of the People's Committee, and Mr. Duong Hong Thang - Chairman of People's Committee of Hoc Mon District. The ceremony was made possible thanks to the connection and support from "Saigon Lovers" charity.

Mr. Pham Van Trung - General Director of CMC TSSG (2nd from the right) presents the testing system to the Director of Hoc Mon General Hospital - Mr. Dang Quoc Quan (middle)

At the event, Mr. Pham Van Trung represented CMC to present the Covid-19 testing system worth 5.2 billion VND to the representative of Hoc Mon General Hospital. This gift will help doctors of the hospital reduce testing time and localize sources of infection in the community.

Mr. Pham Van Trung - representative of CMC Corporation speaks at the ceremony

Receiving the gift from CMC, Mr. Dang Quoc Quan - Specialist (level II), Secretary of the Party Committee, Director of Hoc Mon General Hospital said that, as the pandemic is having complicated developments and the need for medical equipment soars, these devices are very valuable.  The hospital highly appreciates CMC's support. Before, samples had to be sent to HCDC for testing. Now, the hospital can take the initiative to quickly test hundreds and thousands of samples. Without the help of sponsors like CMC, it is difficult for the hospital to treat and prevent Covid-19. Doctors and nurses of Hoc Mon General Hospital will use this gift for the right purpose.

Mr. Pham Van Trung discusses with Mr. Duong Anh Duc - Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee and Mr. Dang Quoc Quan - Director of Hoc Mon General Hospital.

Talking about CMC's charitable activities, Mr. Pham Van Trung said: "On behalf of Saigon citizens, we thank the relentless fighting of the medical team which helps thousands of people return to their families. In addition, we are also thankful for the direction and accompaniment of the government and the People's Committee of HCMC. The fight against the pandemic may be even longer and fiercer, and no one can predict it. As one of the businesses who always uphold responsibilities to the community, CMC Corporation is always willing to join hands with the government and people across the country in preventing Covid-19.  We hope that our small gifts will help reduce the burden on the medical team and soon bring our life back to normal."

Mr. Duong Anh Duc - Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee said: “Our fight against Covid-19 has so far lasted for nearly 2 years, and the past 4 months have been the most difficult time for HCMC. To date, there have been many positive signs and vibrant images of activities in HCMC. This achievement takes a lot of contributions and sacrifices from the medical team and the support of people across the country for HCMC. In addition, the PCR testing system from CMC Corporation also helps the hospital to speed up the testing and treatment for patients."

With the Covid-19 testing system given to Hoc Mon General Hospital, CMC Corporation has increased its total sponsorship from the beginning of 2021 to more than 39 billion VND. This is a demonstration of CMC's responsibility to the community and the society, spreading a beautiful image of solidarity and engagement as the whole country is fighting against the pandemic.

Demonstrating "Responsibility" - one of the core values of CMC, officers and employees of the Corporation have also carried out many meaningful activities. Each employee of CMC Corporation has donated a tablet computer for the program of "Connection and Computers for Students" launched by the Prime Minister on 12 September 2021. In addition, the Corporation also donates ventilators to frontline hospitals, and provides medical equipment to field hospitals in an act of sharing with the community in the context of complicated pandemic development.

Since the beginning of June, CMC employees have been vaccinated. To date, more than 90% of CMC employees nationwide have received the first dose of vaccine and are about to get the second dose.

At offices, CMC strictly complies with the 5K regulation of Ministry of Health and establishes safe Green Zones. In Hanoi, in addition to preparing masks and hand sanitizers for employees, CMC also quickly implements hygiene recommendations at the office. Many webinars have been held to ensure the staff across the country is constantly updated with the most accurate epidemiological information and local situation according to the development of the pandemic.

Except for essential departments, employees are allowed to work from home as required by local authorities. CMC ensures that all employees are fully equipped to work and entitled to salary in accordance with the labor law to support their stable life.

In the coming time, CMC will try its best to contribute to realizing the dual goal of pandemic prevention and socio-economic maintenance and development by committing to providing essential technology products and solutions to customers.