CMC ranked in Top 5 most prestigious ICT companies in 2021

According to the announcement of Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company on 20 July, CMC Corporation is ranked in top 5 in the list of 10 most prestigious Vietnamese ICT companies in 2021.

In addition, CMC Technology & Solutions Co., Ltd. (CMC TS) - a member of CMC Corporation is ranked the 2nd in Top 10 prestigious technology firms providing Software & System Integration Services and Solutions in 2021, according to Vietnam Report.

In 2019 and 2020, CMC was also honored by Vietnam Report in this prestigious list, alongside big names in Vietnam's IT industry.

Top 10 prestigious technology firms in 2021 as of July 2021. CMC is ranked the 5th (Vinaphone - the company at the 5th place belongs to VNPT Group at the 2nd place).

According to Vietnam Report, the reputation of CMC Corporation as well as other technology firms are quantitatively, scientifically and independently evaluated based on the assessment of corporate finance and corporate reputation in the media by means of Media coding and evaluation of stakeholders.

CMC TS is ranked the 2nd in Top 10 prestigious technology firms providing Software & System Integration Services and Solutions in 2021

Also according to the assesment of Vietnam Report, the complicated development of the pandemic in the past two years has posed many challenges and difficulties for the whole economy as well as the business community; companies in general are struggling to find their own path to consolidate and maintain their business.  In the context of such a bleak market, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) emerges as a rare bright spot of the economy.

In Vietnam, the IT industry is able to maintain its momentum, although somewhat slower than the previous period. According to a report of Ministry of Information and Communications, the total revenue of Vietnam's ICT industry in 2020 is 120 billion USD. From the statistics of Statista, a German company specializing in market and consumer data, Vietnam's IT service revenue is estimated at 1.12 billion USD, a slight increase compared to 2019 (1.1 billion USD).  In 2021, Statista forecasts that revenue will regain the momentum it had before the pandemic broke out; this year's forecast number is more than 1.18 billion USD, and continue to increase to 1.43 billion USD in 2025.

Facing the difficulties of the general situation, CMC has turned threats into opportunities and quickly implemented a suitable transformation strategy. In fiscal year 2020, CMC maintained a stable performance with net revenue increased by 5% to more than 5,666 billion VND. The Corporation also optimized all activities to keep profit after tax growing 16% to more than 241 billion VND. Despite the natural law of competition, CMC still firmly takes advantage of opportunities to assert its position.

Vietnam Report said that, in 2021, the saturation of the traditional product and service market is opening up new opportunities for online trends, the rise of cloud technology and telecommunications infrastructure such as 5G, Fiber Optic, Data Center, Mobile Web, etc. This is also the direction of CMC - positioning itself as a global digital company, a leading provider of digital products and services as well as high-end digital transformation solutions for businesses and organizations.