CMC ranked in Vietnam's Top 50 Best-performing Companies in 2023

Based on the measurement of CMC Corporation's business results in 3 consecutive years, on 16 September, Investment Bridge Magazine announced that CMC was ranked among "Vietnam's Top 50 Best-performing Companies in 2023".

The ceremony to honor "Vietnam's Top 50 Best-performing Companies in 2023" is an annual event hosted by Investment Bridge Magazine in collaboration with Thien Viet Securities Company (TVS). Accordingly, enterprises ranked in this list are assessed based on their business performance in 3 consecutive years and 3 growth indicators: revenue, return on equity (ROE) and earnings per share.

TOP 50 have undergone 12 years of surveying (2010 to 2023) and successfully made it to the list. "Over the years, we have witnessed the proud development of Vietnamese enterprises; there are companies that have stayed on top of the rankings for many years, and new faces also emerge. These companies have conquered market challenges and made contributions to the economy", said Mr. Dang Nhat Minh - Editor-in-Chief of Investment Bridge Magazine at the ceremony.

As of March 2023, the market capitalization of TOP 50 reached about 80 billion USD, accounting for 34% of total market capitalization. 16 out of 50 companies in this year's list have market capitalization of billions of USD . These 16 companies account for 29% of total market capitalization and are all leaders in their fields of operation. In terms of business performance, assessed based on return on equity, TOP 50 have an average ROE of 19%, which is about 1.8 times higher than ROE of the whole listed securities market (11%).

TOP 50 companies also earned revenue of nearly 42 billion USD, increased by 3.4% compared to 2021, and accounting for 21.6% of total revenue of the listed securities market. Meanwhile, their profit after tax is nearly 7.8 billion USD, accounting for 40% of profit after tax of the whole market and 7.3 times higher than the market's increase of 5.4%.

Mr. Pham Van Trung - Deputy CEO of CMC Technology and Solutions receives a medal from the organizing committee

It can be seen that over the years, CMC Corporation has overcome many difficulties of the economy, constantly invested in human resources and strongly developed its business strategy in order to bring added values to customers and shareholders.

Specifically, by the end of fiscal year 2022, the total consolidated net revenue of CMC Corporation is 8,364 billion VND, up 21% compared to the same period last year and fulfilling 97% of plan in 2022. Also, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) is 888 billion VND, up 27% compared to the same period last year and fulfilling 98% of plan in 2022.

Meanwhile, all main business fields had higher growth rates compared to the previous year, notably: International Business Department has outstanding growth compared to 2021, with revenue increased by 62% and completing 104% of the annual plan; profit increased by 24% over the same period; Revenues of Technology & Solution and Digital Infrastructure all grew by 13% and 14% and completing 101% and 90% of the annual plan, respectively.

The award presented by Investment Bridge Magazine is an addition to the rich collection of prestigious domestic and international awards that CMC Corporation has received over 30 years of construction and development. “The award is a recognition of the efforts and determination of CMC over time. In the future, CMC will constantly focus on development through developing prestigious products and services of international quality to bring more benefits to customers and shareholders.”, Mr. Pham Van Trung - Deputy CEO of CMC Technology and Solutions emphasized.

Vietnam's Top 50 Best-performing Companies is considered a reliable and prestige list, made in consultation with leading economic and business experts from Harvard Business School and with references from prestigious rankings in the world to find out and honor companies with distinguished business performance on Vietnamese securities market.