CMC Telecom continuously receives international awards for digital infrastructure

After the "double" winning of IBM international awards, CMC Telecom recently continued to be honored by International Finance Magazine with the "Best Digital Infrastructure Service Provider Vietnam 2022" award.

In early July 2022, CMC Telecom's digital infrastructure was honored by International Business Magazine (IBM) with two awards of "Data Center Cyber Security Award Vietnam 2022” and "Cloud Service Provider of the Year Vietnam 2022". Two weeks later, CMC Telecom continued to be named by International Finance Magazine (IFM) as the "Best Digital Infrastructure Service Provider - Telecom - Vietnam 2022".

The "Best Digital Infrastructure Service Provider - Telecom - Vietnam 2022" award

One of the criteria that helps CMC Telecom win this award is its modern Tan Thuan Data Center. Strongly invested in by CMC Corporation and put into operation in May 2022, Tan Thuan DC is designed by B-Barcelona Singapore to comply with the strictest security standards for a modern DC, including: PCI DSS, TVRA (Threat Vulnerability & Risk Assessments), ISO 27001:2013/ ISO 9001:2015, etc. In particular, Tan Thuan DC is the first data center in Vietnam with Uptime Tier III certification for both design and construction. As a modern data center, Tan Thuan DC offers the best connectivity and services to businesses, with a network of 1,200 high-capacity racks of 20kw/rack in an area of 10,000 m2.

Tan Thuan DC - The solid backdrop of CMC Digital Infrastructure Department

In addition, Tan Thuan DC is also the solid backdrop of CMC’s Digital Infrastructure Department. Born from the conversion of telecommunication infrastructure department consisting of CMC Telecom and Netnam, CMC's Digital Infrastructure Department focuses on broadband connectivity, data centers, cloud computing and information security. The addition of CMC Cyber Security will enable CMC's Digital Infrastructure Department to provide digital transformation services with modern and secure digital infrastructure according to the highest international standards to customers.

CMC Cyber Security Team

A representative of CMC Cyber Security said: "With nearly 15 years of experience in security services, together with a team of internationally certified security experts, Digital Infrastructure Department will offer to customers safe and secure digital transformation products and services according to international standards as well as the most reliable information security technologies.

The combination of CMC Telecom and CMC Cyber Security in the Digital Infrastructure Department will help resonate each other's strengths, promote the perfection of comprehensive digital transformation products and services for hundreds of thousands of SMEs as well as banking & financial institutions and large corporations in Vietnam.”