CMC Telecom is the "DX coach" of the Government's program to support enterprises in digital transformation

CMC Telecom is the "digital transformation coach" who will accompany SMEs in the program to support small and medium-sized enterprises in digital transformation (SMEdx Program) approved by Ministry of Information and Communications.

Mr. Le Anh Vu, Creative Director of CMC Telecom, said: “CMC Telecom chooses to be the Digital Transformation Coach for SMEs because the technology teams at SMEs are not strong enough. SMEs heard a lot about "digital transformation" but most of them do not know where to start and which path to choose. Therefore, CMC Telecom will accompany them to have "hand-on experience" and guide them as their own "coach". In my opinion, that is truly the way to help businesses, instead of giving them an application or a software and telling them it is digital transformation."

Digital transformation requires a clear path with right direction. If the choice is wrong, it will cost the business money, resources and most importantly, opportunities. Therefore, the first steps are extremely important. Mr. Le Anh Vu said: “After our success with large and demanding customers, we have drawn the slogan of “Go Dx - Cloud First” which means that if you want to go digital, cloud computing must be the first choice.” Explaining this, Mr. Vu said that Cloud is a key infrastructure platform for digital transformation because its instantaneous elasticity is suitable for the expansion or compression of businesses. At the same time, the fixed capital expenditure (CapEx) is converted into operating expenditure (OpEx), which will prevent enterprises from getting stuck in the huge investment problem and help them to have the finance for production and business.

CMC Telecom is the leading Cloud provider in Vietnam, the first Vietnamese company to connect directly to the cloud platform of Google, AWS and Microsoft.

Currently, CMC Telecom is the leading Cloud provider in Vietnam, the first Vietnamese company to connect directly to the cloud platform of Google, AWS and Microsoft. CMC Telecom also has its own open cloud platform, CMC Cloud. CMC Cloud users can simultaneously manage the Clouds of Google, AWS and Microsoft on a single administration portal.

The SMEdx program of Ministry of Information and Communications aims to accelerate the digital transformation in small and medium-sized enterprises through the use of the digital platform selected by the program. Its purpose is to help enterprises optimize their operations, improve production and business efficiency, strengthen capacity and competitive advantage, create new values for businesses, and contribute to the development of the digital economy of the country as well as in each industry, field and locality.

The SMEdx program also sets specific goals, including selecting and mobilizing excellent digital platforms to participate in with preferential policies and support for small and medium-sized enterprises to use these platforms to accelerate business digital transformation.

Currently, the web portal of SMEdx has been built and put into operation by Ministry of Information and Communications at the address of, to provide information about the program as well as knowledge and documents on business digital transformation. This is the focal point where SMEs register to participate in and use the Program's digital platforms.

SMEs who wish to join the program can register on the websites or visit  of CMC Telecom to register and receive detailed instructions on digital transformation.

CMC Telecom owns a large ecosystem for SMEs to help them completely change their business approach to increase sales, and change the way they work and operate in the digital environment.

According to the assessment of the Chairman of the National Committee for E-Government, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, at the meeting on March 10, the implementation of the National Digital Transformation Program has been started and some initial results have been achieved. Over 50% of ministries, agencies and localities have developed and started implementing programs, projects and plans on digital transformation. Many Vietnamese technology firms have mastered core technologies and developed technology platforms for digital transformation, and about 40 Make in Vietnam platforms have been launched.