CMC TS and partners introduce smart manufacturing solutions

CMC TS and its technology partners are ready to provide a comprehensive set of solutions to accompany enterprises in their digital transformation and contribute to promoting smart manufacturing.

In Vietnam, manufacturing enterprises, led by FDI ones, tend to convert to smart factories.

The transition from traditional manufacturing model to modern one poses a challenge for factories to effectively manage, use and protect data - especially edge data.

The answer for this has been revealed at the seminar "Manufacturing: Tech-UP” held by CMC TS , Dell Technologies, Autodesk, Fortinet and Allied Telesis.

As the senior partner of many large technology firms, CMC Technology & Solution (CMC TS) is a leading company in consulting and providing digital transformation solutions for enterprises.

Mr. Trinh Quoc Bao – Director of SME Solutions Department, CMC TS said that, in the field of manufacturing, CMC TS has successfully deployed many projects and supported enterprises to modernize IT systems, automate production lines as well as master production and business data to improve competitiveness.

CMC TS and its technology partners are ready to provide a comprehensive set of solutions to accompany enterprises in their digital transformation and contribute to promoting smart manufacturing.

Mr. Trinh Quoc Bao – Deputy Director of SME Solutions Department, CMC TS

Mr. Tran Toan Thang, Senior Solution Architect from Dell Technologies Vietnam introduced "Manufacturing Edge" infrastructure and equipment with new capabilities to meet the needs of businesses and factories.

According to Mr. Thang, Dell Technologies' validated design for "Manufacturing Edge" with Litmus helps businesses connect, manage and coordinate discrete devices, data and applications at the edge of their network - from factories to data centers of cloud service providers hired by enterprises - without needing to be programmed.

Manufacturers can quickly make decisions to repair equipment before they fail, thus improve production quality and cut costs through real-time data analysis and centralized device management provided by Litmus - the industrial IoT edge platform for enterprises.

Built on Dell EMC VxRail - a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance or PowerEdge servers, this is the second solution from Dell Technologies to help businesses deal with the complexity of deploying information technology at the edge of manufacturing network.

Dell EMC Edge Gateway helps companies connect safely and securely to multiple edge devices across OT and computerized environments to deliver valuable insights. "Edge Gateway" is designed to work in industrial environments and withstand temperatures from -20o to 60oC.

Sustainable production and growth based on digital transformation are trending among many businesses around the world. To meet this demand, Autodesk is now aiming to apply smart manufacturing through the technical factory project that they have previously deployed to provide a progressive and sustainable solution to the management and production at factories today.

Digital transformation drives smart and sustainable manufacturing

At the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Cong Vu Hao - an expert from Techdata introduced solution suite to support sustainable growth with digital transformation for manufacturing industry, including AutoCAD, Inventor Professional, Factory Design Utilities, Inventor CAM, 3ds Max, etc. The Autodesk suite helps businesses automate the process of designing and managing all data and stored data, while ensuring their safety.

The convergence of IT and OT also comes with lots of information security risks, which pose as a problem for manufacturing enterprises to ensure their system security while maintaining business operations.

Fortinet's Security Fabric is an ecosystem of security solutions which are divided into groups of Network, Cloud, OT network, etc. to ensure full cover of the attack surface from cybercriminals targeting IT and OT networks of businesses.

These groups of solutions also share data to proactively detect and devise policies to prevent such cyberattacks.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Hai – Security Expert from Fortinet said that Fortinet's solution help record, monitor and alert network administrators of individuals or IoT devices of manufacturing enterprises with unusual behaviors and activities at suspicious time (evening, dawn).

A network and telecommunications infrastructure company from Japan, Allied Telesis provides Ethernet & IP security solutions worldwide. Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework (AMF) is a scalable network management platform.

AMF-Security keeps the network edge of enterprises always protected instantly: The action time for threat blocking is a few seconds rather than hours or even days to isolate the initial point of attack in the network manually.

Timely adaptation to the new context and quick application of technology will help manufacturing enterprises exploit the power of data, thereby increase productivity, accelerate the time to bring products to market and contribute to improving competitive advantages in the IoT era.