CMC TS becomes a partner of Linkedin to provide comprehensive recruitment and human resource management solutions

CMC Technology and Solutions has officially become the first Vietnamese partner of LinkedIn - the world's largest recruitment platform to provide comprehensive recruitment and human resource management solutions to businesses.

Previously, due to geographical distance and the fact that LinkedIn had no office or partner in Vietnam, Vietnamese businesses using LinkedIn encountered many difficulties regarding account registration, payment documents as well as requests for service support and direct advice from the company. Those difficulties no longer exist when CMC Technology and Solutions (CMC TS) officially becomes the first partner of LinkedIn in Vietnam.

Mr. Do Hoang Hai - Director of Enterprise Solutions Cetner, CMC TS said: "After becoming the first partner of LinkedIn in Vietnam, CMC TS will cooperate with LinkedIn to develop a comprehensive solution for recruitment and human resource management. This solution not only helps businesses to optimize their resources in terms of cost, time and effort when recruiting, but also serves as an effective bridge to help businesses and candidates to find the right people and the right jobs."

CMC TS is currently one of the leading companies in providing overall IT solutions and services, consulting and deploying digital transformation solutions for ministries, agencies, governments, financial institutions and businesses; and providing software, cloud computing solutions, data service and information security services.

Also according to Mr. Do Hoang Hai, the CMC TS team consists of experts who understand the market of human resources in Vietnam and are able to provide advice and training of LinkedIn's recruitment solutions, so that businesses can make the most of the features. Issues regarding troubleshooting or documents for service payment can also be quickly resolved.

Mr. Do Hoang Hai - Director of Enterprise Solutions Center, CMC TS speaks at a conference jointly held by CMC TS  and LinkedIn in Hanoi

LinkedIn is currently the largest recruitment platform in the world with 630 million members, including 30 million participating businesses and 20 million jobs that are regularly updated.

Mr. Rohit Kalsy - Sales Director of LinkedIn in charge of Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia markets said: "What makes LinkedIn different from other recruitment platforms is that LinkedIn uses artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to process and categorize data based on the candidate's profile and behavior."

Robert - Regional Director of LinkedIn

LinkedIn helps businesses construct a professional image, introduce new products and services to build credibility with partners and clients and at the same time recommend job opportunities to attract suitable candidates. LinkedIn is also a social network chosen by many senior candidates to build a personal brand. Of the 660 million accounts on LinkedIn, more than 30% of the candidates are experts who have the skill set and expertise to match the quality recruitment needs of businesses.

Using AI technology and automation, LinkedIn helps candidates to personalize their resumes, connect and suggest jobs that suit their skill set, experience and needs. For businesses, when recruiting personnel, AI technology will suggest more skills similar to the candidate's skill set, thereby helping businesses to narrow down the list of potential candidates and save time for recruitment.

Businesses must do everything to stand out among other employers in order to attract potential candidates. To do that, businesses need to find the right recruitment channel. The solution for recruitment and human resource management offered by LinkedIn and CMC TS will be the optimal choice for businesses to solve the problem of "finding the right people" and help them to have a completely different experience in recruiting while optimizing costs and resources.