Three new services of CMC CDN - CMC Cloud Camera - CMC Akamai CDN officially launched

At the end of May, the Cloud Computing Technology division of CMC Telecom announced that it had completed the testing phase and officially proceeded to provide 3 new services on cloud computing platform, namely CMC CDN, CMC Cloud Camera and CMC Akamai CDN.

Mr. Le Anh Vu - Director of Cloud Computing Technology, CMC Telecom said: "CMC Cloud is constantly improving the open ecosystem for businesses and organizations in accordance with the strategy for building C.OPE2N of the Corporation - i.e. providing diverse, 5-star cloud computing services to meet requirements for solutions of each industry.

Three new services of CMC CDN  - CMC Cloud Camera  - CMC Akamai CDN are officially launched

In particular, CDN is a content delivery network service developed by CMC Telecom itself. This service helps clients to quickly access data from a server that is the nearest to them, instead of having to access the server in the data center.

CMC Cloud Camera is a service for monitoring, management and centralized data storage of camera system using cloud computing technology. This service of CMC integrates advanced analytical features and uses A.I. to allow ordinary cameras to become smarter.

CMC Akamai CDN is Akamai's content distribution network service, which is exclusively distributed in Vietnam by CMC Telecom. Currently, Akamai has nearly 300,000 servers in 135 countries. In Vietnam, it has about 800 servers, located in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, including CMC Telecom.