CMC welcomes 2021 with 4 AWS Professional certificates

Welcoming 2021, 4 CMC Telecom experts have successfully conquered the AWS Certified Solution Architect – Professional certification. Accordingly, CMC Telecom has exceeded the target of professional certificates in the journey to reach to the technical capacity of an AWS Advanced Partner.

Regarding this important achievement, Mr. Dang Tung Son, DCEO/CMO said: "We are determined to make Cloud Computing a strategic spearhead business through the harmoniously open collaboration between CMC Cloud and international big cloud service providers such as Microsoft, Google and AWS. In the last 3 years, we have made the cloud path for ourselves and transformed it into CMC Telecom's strategy in the 2020-2025 period. The most critical key to success comes from customers and customer service. Therefore, the Management is determined to encourage departments to join hands and build an SA (solution architecture) team that possesses the highest level and most professional certificates. This requirement synchronizes with the goal of becoming an Advanced Partner of AWS in March 2021. Experts of CMC Telecom immediately acted and in the first week of January 2021, our expert team simultaneously received four AWS Professional certificates, which is an amazingly good job. Obtaining 4 certificates is great, as we only need 3 to satisfy the condition to become an AWS Advanced Partner."

In order to be recognized as an Advanced Partner, we need at least 3 certificates of AWS Certified Solution Architect - Professional, something itself that is not easy to achieve. So, within only one month, the consulting team for solutions and the technical department of CMC Telecom exceeded the target of 3 Professional certificates before the deadline of March 31, 2021. Three out of four certificates belong to three employees of iSOC - Cloud Computing Department, namely: Mr. Lam Duy Dien - Deputy Director of iSOC, Mr. Bui Huy Long - Leader of Consulting and Transformation Team, and Mr. Nguyen Phu Cuong - Service Deployment Expert. The remaining certificate is held by Mr. Pham Tuan Vu - Leader of Consulting Team for Security Solutions, CCoE. 

AWS Certified Solution Architect – Professional certification is of the highest level in the AWS certification system (in addition to Practitioner and Associate levels). This certification demonstrates technical skills and expertise of solution architects with at least two years of experience in managing and operating systems on AWS. In order to receive this certification, test takers are required to not only understand the theory but also have sufficient amount of practical experience from countless times of running customer systems to answer the questions.

Talking about business opportunities, Mr. Son said: "According to market signals, there are currently over 40 consulting opportunities from our clients, and our AWS Professional expert team will have the chance to be busy right from the start of 2021”.