Industry 4.0 Summit 2019: CMC “Aspires to inspire the Digital Transformation"

On 2 and 3 October 2019 in Hanoi, the Industry 4.0 Summit 2019 took place with the attendance of 4,000 participants. At the event, H.E. Nguyen Van Binh - Head of Central Commission for Economic Affairs, H.E. Nguyen Chi Dung - Minister of Planning and Investment, and H.E. Nguyen Manh Hung - Minister of Information & Communications visited the exhibition booth of CMC Corporation and experienced the interactive technology performance of "Aspire to Inspire the Digital Transformation".

An exhibition booth with the theme of "Aspire to Inspire the Digital Transformation" had been brought by CMC Corporation to Industry 4.0 Summit 2019, which inspired attendees by an interactive performance that is rich with  Industry 4.0 spirit.  (Photo: CMC exhibition booth) At the event, CMC introduced the demo for total solutions regarding Digital Transformation, from infrastructure building (including Data Center, Internet connection, telecommunication cable, Cloud platform) to Smart applications such as smart banking (cognitive computing platform), smart manufacturing (MES) and Smart City. With a strong technology infrastructure, as well as partnerships with more than 40 technology firms in the world and the capacity of a team of experienced professionals, CMC Corporation aims to become a global corporation, a leader in providing digital transformation services and digital services for the region and the world with revenue of 1 billion USD in 2023.

Speaking at the plenary session of Industry 4.0 Summit 2019 with the theme of "Vietnam's policy and action plan to actively participate in Industry 4.0", Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh (Chairman/CEO of CMC Corporation) affirmed: “As a pioneer in building the C.OPE 2N platform, CMC is ready to provide digital transformation solutions, services and platforms for all businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises. CMC is committed to accompanying the Government in the National Digital Transformation Program, building digital government and smart city, actively participating in Industry 4.0 with the vision for Vietnam to become a powerful country in 2045.” (Photo: Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh)


In the discussions within the framework of Industry 4.0 Summit 2019, Mr. Le Anh Vu (Director of VAS - CMC Telecom) gave a presentation about digital transformation in the banking industry: “Cognitive computing application for banking & financial operations". He also introduced CMC Cloud - the first multi-cloud application in Vietnam which is being widely applied at businesses and organizations. “Everyone is talking about digital transformation; however, infrastructure is a must for this. The two most important technological factors of digital transformation is Data and artificial intelligence (AI). In order to deploy these technologies, it is required to have a digital infrastructure for calculating, analyzing and processing data resources,” said Mr. Vu. Statistics from Gartner show that for every 100 businesses, there will be 36 businesses that need to invest in data analysis using artificial intelligence in 2020; therefore, preparing digital infrastructure should be the No.1 priority of businesses. By analyzing the actual situation of digital transformation in the banking-finance sector, Mr. Le Anh Vu proposed to the Summit CMC Telecom's cognitive computing infrastructure  in order to help financial institutions to develop a roadmap for digital transformation, including: Biometrics service, OCR, Computer Vision, Big Data analysis for Telesales, etc.

   In the digital transformation picture, in addition to infrastructure, intelligent applications are also a topic of concern for many businesses. In the discussion of "Smart manufacturing", Mr. Nguyen Kim Cuong (Deputy General Director of CMC TS) introduced the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), a smart factory management solution which helps SMEs to operate their production lines with the best performance. In June 2018, Samsung SDS had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CMC to deploy MES for over 200 Samsung suppliers in Vietnam. Advanced manufacturing enterprises are adopting MES as a tool for innovation in order to flexibly respond in a fiercely competitive environment. “CMC TS aims to help with system integration and to work openly with partners to find the best solution. We are proud to contribute to the process of digital transformation for factories and businesses ” - Mr. Cuong concluded. (Photo: Mr. Nguyen Kim Cuong)

    In the discussion about building smart cities in the process of national digital transformation, Mr. Luong Tuan Thanh (Chief Technology Officer - CMC TS) proposed solutions to analyze, exploit and decode digitized data blocks in order to apply to the operation and management of smart cities. “First, we have to look at the legal corridor and the governance system to be able to classify and manage data lifecycle. Next, we need to have a data strategy corresponding to each municipality; from which, come up with solutions suitable to the existing capacity. Finally, I propose a data use culture training program  for administrative decisions, in order to better serve the people. Those are the points that help us make a difference”. (Data: Mr. Luong Tuan Thanh)

 Industry 4.0 Summit 2019 is a national-level annual event, bringing together more than 4,000 participants, including leaders of the Communist Party, the State, ministries, departments, industries, technology experts, large enterprises and corporations in the fields of manufacturing, energy & utilities, transportation & logistics, banking & finance, etc. to share and discuss the ways to transform business models effectively through the application of digital technologies.  This is the biggest forum of Vietnam with the aim of sharing experiences and exchanging information of the latest trends and solutions in Industry 4.0.