CMC will be the technical coordinator for BIDV Trade Finance project

On September 3rd, 2019 in Hanoi, CMC Technology and Solutions Company (CMC TS) participated in the signing ceremony with Surecomp to provide Trade Finance system for BIDV. The project will be coordinated and supported by CMC TS (a member of CMC Corporation) after the BIDV Trade Finance system is put into operation.

The contract signing ceremony for the project "Procurement and deployment of commercial finance system software at BIDV" took place in the afternoon on September 3rd, 2019 at BIDV Hang Voi headquarters (Hanoi) with the witness of Mr. Tran Phuong (Deputy General Director of Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - BIDV), Mr. Eyal Hareuveny (President of Surecomp), Mr. Ho Thanh Tung (Deputy CEO of CMC Corporation, General Director of CMC TS), and the Management Board of BIDV Trade Finance project.

Surecomp is the world's leading software solutions company, with experience in deploying solutions at international as well as local banks (e.g. Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, DBS etc.). CMC TS will carry out project coordination and technical assistance (first line support) right after the BIDV Trade Finance system is officially put into operation.

Representatives of BIDV, Surecomp and CMC at the signing ceremony to deploy BIDV Trade Finance.

BIDV Trade Finance software will support BIDV to respond quickly to changes in customers' needs of Commercial Finance services, creating a competitive advantage for BIDV through the development of modern trade finance products and services which can be quickly and easily changed and differentiated from competitors'.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tran Phuong (Deputy General Director of BIDV, Head of Project Management Board of BIDV Trade Finance) said: “Along with the corebanking system conversion, BIDV Trade Finance is a key system with a very large total investment which has been approved by the State Bank of Vietnam. Because of such importance, the project has received a great commitment from Surecomp - the parent company, as well as the agencies in charge of deployment in the region. The trade finance system is a component of the core banking system developed from 2005. Besides meeting the needs to digitize banking activities and deliver maximum satisfaction to customers, the project will also bring great competitive advantage to BIDV in the future. We hope that the project will improve professional techniques for BIDV's deployment team, thus create products and develop our business in the best possible way. ”

Mr. Ho Thanh Tung (Deputy CEO of CMC Corporation, General Director of CMC TS) said: “As a long-term technology deployment partner of BIDV, CMC plays an important role in BIDV Trade Finance project when we receive the task of technology transfer and support after the project is deployed at BIDV. CMC will also support the language translation and help technical experts to deploy the project. I highly appreciate the commitment of the project, with the participation of the Board of Management, BIDV’s Project Management Board and Surecomp. I believe that BIDV Trade Finance project will be successfully deployed, and I hope the project will be completed ahead of schedule. "

At the event, Mr. Eyal Hareuveny (President of Surecomp) also expressed the hope that not only the project is completed but the three parties will also become long-term partners in technology consultancy and business cooperation in the future. All three parties are committed to the successful deployment of the project ahead of schedule, bringing efficiency and competitive advantage to BIDV in the digital transformation period. The selection of technical coordinator for a major software project of a leading bank in Vietnam confirms the technological capacity of CMC Corporation in supporting businesses and organizations in the digital transformation. CMC is aiming to become a global corporation, leading in providing digital transformation services and digital services for the region and the world, with the ambition of earning revenue of 1 billion dollars by 2023.