CMC cooperated with SAMSUNG SDS to deploy smart factory solution and IoT in Vietnam and the region

According to the signed memorandum, CMC will be in charge of deploying MES - a solution for smart factory management and operation of SAMSUNG SDS for clients in Vietnam as well as in the region.

Samsung SDS- a member company of SAMSUNG Group (South Korea) specializing in providing IT and logistics solutions to SAMSUNG and global clients and partners, is currently the No.1 IT company of South Korea. Last June, SAMSUNG SDS had just signed a strategic partnership agreement with CMC Corporation, under which CMC will be in charge of deploying MES - a solution for smart factory management and operation of SAMSUNG SDS for clients in Vietnam as well as in the region.

On 23-25/10/2018, CMC visited the headquarters of SAMSUNG SDS in South Korea and has had intensive working sessions in the areas of leading technologies and services such as cloud services, smart factory, etc.

According to results of such meetings, CMC Corporation and SAMSUNG SDS will boost the deployment of MES for 200 clients of SAMSUNG in Vietnam, in particular 40 clients from now to the end of 2018; at the same time, prepare for a plan to expand business cooperation in the South East Asia. MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a general manufacturing management system focusing on controlling and monitoring in real time, managing work history and goods circulation, catching up with the situation, managing defected goods, etc. MES helps small and medium manufacturing enterprises to solve the problem of product costs, minimize errors in manual control, thus not only improve production process but also lead to optimal decision for management and operation.

In addition to the project in the field of software, SAMSUNG SDS also offers partnership with CMC in the fields of telecommunications and system integration. Currently, CMC Telecom is the only partner to provide the entire international telecommunication channel for SAMSUNG Group in Vietnam thanks to quality service, fast processing speed and capacity of the system to ensure comprehensive back-up. In the future, SAMSUNG SDS expects to closely cooperate with CMC Corporation in boosting the construction of Smart City and Smart Building solutions as well as IoT and Cloud AI applications in Vietnamese market.

In the context of large municipalities are developing very quickly and the Government of Vietnam is also encouraging the application of IoT (Internet of Things) and 4.0 solutions to  construct smart buildings and smart cities, SAMSUNG SDS considers Vietnam as a very potential market regarding this field and CMC is the top partner for development cooperation.

SAMSUNG's representatives visit Data Center of CMC.

During the visit and working sessions of CMC delegation, SAMSUNG has offered the strategic and comprehensive partnership in two very potential business fields: SAMSUNG SDS and Cloud Computing. CMC's visit to the headquarters of SAMSUNG SDS in South Korea this time has affirmed the strategic partnership between SAMSUNG Group and CMC Corporation, including the cooperation between all member companies in developing market in Vietnam and expanding it within the South East Asia. Mr. Ho Kim, Vice President and Director of Cloud Business at SAMSUNG SDS said: “The first and foremost mission of Samsung SDS is to help clients to have creative and innovative solutions for their manufacturing operations and business through digital transformation. In order to fulfill that, we needs strategic partners to jointly deploy such solutions in markets like Vietnam. We are delighted to work with CMC Corporation and wish to continue to expand mutual interests of both parties in areas of collaboration, such as Cloud Computing and Data Center."

Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh, Chairman of CMC also said: “CMC Corporation's goals are 5000 employees in the staff and 500 million USD in revenue by 2020, which are twice as much of the current indexes. However, we have clearly determined our objective and road map, which is providing world-class IT and Telecommunications products and services in Vietnam and globally. By steadfastly following this path right from the start, CMC has been chosen by the world's leading corporations as their partner: AT&T, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and most recently, Samsung SDS. SAMSUNG is one of the top partners in the world, so I believe that the strategic partnership between both parties will be very successful and will open up a new future with further success for both of us. "