Vietlott is the "first-foot" to arrive at CMC Telecom in 2021

On the morning of 5 January 2021, the leadership and representatives of IT Department of Vietnam Lottery Company - Vietlott had a meeting and work session at CMC Telecom. The meeting was held with the theme of "Vietlott - Growing from digital transformation". This is a special and meaningful visit, as Vietlott is the first client of CMC Telecom in the beginning days of the new year.

The delegation consisted of President, General Director, Deputy General Director, Chief of the Office, and representatives of IT Department of Vietlott. Representatives of CMC Telecom, including those from the Executive Board, FSI, Cloud Computing Technology Department and Data Center met directly with Vietlott, the "first-foot" of 2021. At the meeting, CMC Telecom gave advice on comprehensive digital transformation to Vietlott, and accompanied the client to its Data Center and CMC Cloud Operation Center.

Vietlott emerged in 2016 with the new concept of self-picking lottery numbers, which has changed the habit of playing lottery and the lottery business itself. Diversified and fresh in terms of how to play, continuously improve services and products, from selling lottery tickets at transaction offices to selling them via SMS and mobile apps, Vietlott has been changing the market and becoming the focus to attract the interest of lottery players. As a pioneer in the application of science and technology, Vietlott has proved the importance of "transforming digitally or being forgotten" to the traditional lottery business. Especially, as an active member of World Lottery Association (WLA), Vietlott inevitably needs to modernize and actively participate in the digital transformation of this industry.

As described by Mr. Le Van Hoan – President of Vietlott, CMC Telecom and Vietlott have been partner of each other since the "poor days". During 5 years being accompanied by CMC Telecom, Vietlott has made growth breakthroughs, and most recently, it has earned a revenue of 4,000 billion VND and make its presence known in 62 provinces and cities with the staff of less than 200 people. In the visit to CMC Telecom at the beginning of 2021, the leadership of Vietlott were very interested in the solutions and initiatives proposed by CMC Telecom to find answers for the problem of "growing from digital transformation."

Accordingly, Mr. Le Anh Vu - CIO/ Director of Cloud Computing Technology represented CMC Telecom to give advice for the comprehensive digital transformation of Vietlott. In particular, the solutions include: (1) A toolkit for management and improvement of digital workplace (Digital Workspace); (2) A solution for the digitalization of customer experience (CWorks Sales 360); (3) An initiative to upgrade the environment for technology development (Cloud Native Environments). 

In which, Digital Workplace was proposed based on the current situation of Vietlott's operations. With a large coverage across 62 provinces and cities and nearly 200 employees divided into transaction offices, having a concentrated and direct workspace is essential for Vietlott. The solution uses Atlassian office toolkit, including Jira, Confluence and Jira Help Desk. In which, the Knowledge Management System (KMS) is described by representative of the Executive Board as helping to reduce "dependence on human" and "bureaucracy" in Vietlott's work environment.

The Solution for digitalization of customer experience (CWorks Sales 360) is a set of solutions that is distributed in Vietnam through the cooperation between CMC Telecom and Freshworks. CWorks Sales 360 enables adjustment to marketing and sales activities in order to attract and interact with appropriate potential customers. At the same time, it helps to effectively attract and retain long-term customers. CWorks Sales 360 is evaluated as suitable for the Mass Market that Vietlott aims at, especially the automatic marketing application.

In addition, the initiative to upgrade the environment for technology development (Cloud Native Environments) was proposed to support the client to create a business model that has flexible connection architecture and fast application development, mitigates risks and optimizes the costs of running applications. Cloud-Native applications are developed on the basis of cloud computing and are built into microservices. According to IDC, by 2022, 90% of new applications will have microservice architecture. Embracing this trend will help Vietlott create a connected and pioneering business model in the lottery industry.

Regarding the advice for comprehensive digital transformation of Vietlott, Mr. Ngo Trong Hieu - CEO, representative of the Executive Board said: "All digital transformation solutions offered to Vietlott have been used and put into operation internally by CMC Telecom. CMC Telecom believes that only when those solutions are able to effectively optimize our own operations can they do well in serving other customers."

After the presentation of CMC Telecom's representative, Mr. Le Van Hoan, President of Vietlott shared his thought: "For our part, we appreciate the advice from CMC Telecom that closely follows the practical needs of Vietlott. With the strategic advice on digital transformation proposed by CMC Telecom, and the fact that digital transformation is also a goal that Vietlott is very interested in, I believe that in the future, the cooperation between both parties will be more extensive, in order for the model of self-pick lottery to win against traditional gambling evils and bring useful income to the society."