Promoting excellent customer experience with cloud technology

The adoption of new, cloud-based technologies is helping banks and financial institutions create personalized products, thereby enhancing the overall experience of their customers and growing their digital business.

Optimizing user experience with cloud computing technology - an event held by CMC TS, AWS and Genesys in Hanoi

Personalization trend in user experience

A recent survey of retail banks conducted by Ernst & Young showed that the key to drive customers to choose financial products and services around the world is user experience. However, the challenge posed for digital financial service providers now is that customers are having higher and more demanding expectations when using digital financial services. 

Not only do they expect a convenient and cost-effective experience, but they also want it to be personalized. Product and service personalization means banks and financial institutions, based on user data, classify customers into target groups and provide suitable products and services for each group through all channels (omnichannel) in the most seamless way to make customers feel that the product or service is "customized" for themselves.

Challenges and solutions to optimize user experience for banks and financial institutions have been discussed and shared at a technology seminar held by CMC Technology and Solutions (CMC TS) and partners AWS and Genesys in Hanoi recently.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Le Anh Linh - Director of Banking and Finance Solutions, CMC TS emphasized: CMC TS clearly defines its investment strategy in banking and finance solutions as focusing on digital transformation, cloud computing and customer experience. CMC TS has invested heavily in technology resources and a team of experts, as well as working closely with major technology companies to offer the best solutions to customers."


Mr. Le Anh Linh - Director of Banking and Financial Solutions (BFSI), CMC TS at the event.

Create a "wow" experience with cloud technology

As a more advanced model of Call Center, Contact Center is an advanced solution for businesses to create excellent customer experience. Contact Center handles all customer-related operations, not only over the phone but also via many different channels such as messages, video calls, SMS, email, Facebook, website, etc. 

Rated by Gartner as the number one solution in the market for 5 consecutive years, Genesys Contact Center is an omnichannel solution that brings "wow" experience to customers. Genesys Contact Center can integrate all platforms in a single desktop application to help enterprises have a 360-degree view of customers on all interaction channels.

In Vietnam, CMC TS is a strategic partner of Genesys with more than 30 expert certificates granted by the company and over 5 years of experience in deploying solutions for financial institutions. CMC invests in technology and human resources to build a solution and service ecosystem in order to meet the overall technology demand and provide maximum assistance for enterprises to optimize customer experience.

CMC TS and Genesys have successfully deployed the largest Contact Center system in Southeast Asia with over 7000 seats for VPBank SMBC Finance COMPANY Limited (FE CREDIT). With the deployment of Genesys Multicloud CX, FE CREDIT has improved customer satisfaction rates by 89% and significantly saved customer connection time and reduced call waiting time.

Digital transformation tools including automation, machine learning, AI, chatbots, and cloud-based systems are the main foundation for Contact Center operations. Moving to the cloud helps businesses increase agility, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's leading SaaS cloud platform. With more than a million active customers across the globe, AWS has helped organizations of all sizes move to the cloud and thrive. AWS currently has more than 200 services for infrastructure, software, AI, Devops, Data analytics, Machine learning, IoT,etc. as well as 300 security features used at many global banking and governmental organizations. 

CMC TS is currently a strategic partner of AWS in Vietnam. CMC is committed to a strategic and long-term cooperation with AWS to provide businesses with cloud products and services according to AWS framework standards for Overall Strategy Advisory Service, AWS Deployment Service, Managed Services, and Training Service from basic to advanced level.

From August 2022, AWS launched the first two Edge Locations in Vietnam.

From August 2022, AWS launched the first two Edge Locations in Vietnam to improve user experience and make it more secure, thus helping banking and finance organizations offer effective digital services to customers.