PVcomBank chooses CMC Telecom as provider of AWS cloud computing services

In July 2021, PVcomBank together with CMC Telecom's technology expert successfully deployed the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) on OpenShift to AWS cloud. This is an important step forward for PVcomBank's digital transformation technology projects in 2021 and the future.

PVcomBank – Digital transformation brings outstanding growth

With more than 20 years of experience in the financial market and 8 years of launching new brands, Vietnam Public Joint Stock Commercial Bank (PVcomBank) has so far developed a network of more than 100 transaction offices in 28 provinces and cities in Northern, Central and Southern regions, with a team of more than 4000 officer and employees and total assets of nearly 200,000 billion VND.

PVcomBank is one of the leading banks in the application of digitalization to promote the development of products and services towards the goal of improving customer experience and giving customers different impressions in using services. Recently, PVcomBank has been growing strongly in the digital banking segment with continuously upgraded technology infrastructure, which has brought to customers superior digital financial products and services, thus enhancing customer experience with thousands of attractive offers. PVcomBank focuses on improving and developing the segment of electronic payment with card products that integrate many features and promotions suitable to customers' needs. The titles of "Most Innovative Digital Bank in 2020", "Bank with the Best Service Quality in Vietnam in 2021", and many awards from prestigious international financial institutions have been awarded to PVcomBank as recognitions for the bank's journey to affirm its solid position on the financial map of Vietnam.

The Digital Banking Strategy has contributed to the strong development of PVcomBank in recent years. Particularly, the PV Mobile Banking service of PVcomBank has more than 200 features to help customers make all transactions on "a miniature bank that fits in your hand". In 2021, PVcomBank is honored in the Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam – FAST500.

Choosing CMC Telecom – AWS's advanced consulting partner to migrate data "to the cloud"

In 2021, PVcomBank continues to implement outstanding and fundamental digital transformation projects of the Information Technology system with a strategic development vision. In technology, speed is key. In response to the requirement of digital transformation speed to meet the rapid development and growth rate, PVcomBank has chosen to experiment with cloud application in this fundamental journey. And AWS Cloud is the most responsive solution. PVcomBank and technology experts from CMC Telecom, a senior partner of AWS in Vietnam, collaborated to deploy an ESB system running on Redhat Openshift platform to AWS Cloud. This is an important step for PVcomBank's major technology applications and projects in 2021 and the following years.

Mr. Le Anh Vu, Creative Director of CMC Telecom, said: "ESB is the Bank's most important integrated backbone system, which has been deployed by technology experts of CMC Telecom and AWS in collaboration with the customer after many steps of testing and evaluating infrastructure capacity and responsiveness to ensure a strict compliance with regulations and requirements of the Banking & Finance industry."

CMC Telecom was formerly a telecommunications infrastructure provider specializing in providing services to large and demanding customers such as banks, financial institutions, insurance firms; leading corporations in the fields of retail, manufacturing, services, transportation, health, communication, etc. Since 2017, CMC Telecom has been oriented to become a Converged Service Provider (CSP) specializing in providing digital transformation solutions for Vietnamese businesses and multinational enterprises with branches in Vietnam. With the foundation of telecommunication infrastructure and Data Center, CMC Telecom builds digital transformation ecosystems for businesses, and is an exceptional leading company in terms of Cloud services.

Mr. Le Anh Vu said: "Today, with the benefits of cloud computing in general, most large organizations around the world have been migrating important applications such as ERP, ESB or core applications to AWS. To explain why large organizations such as Governments or those in banking-finance or manufacturing industries, etc. choose AWS, it is because in addition to being a leading service provider in the world, AWS is also qualified for international security standards to meet all the strictest compliance requirements of each specific industry. Meanwhile, CMC Telecom was selected as a companion by AWS due to its preparation of strong technology resources with more than 200 Cloud experts along with capabilities at the highest level as certified by AWS, including those to provide high-end consulting and deployment services, direct connection to AWS data center with bandwidth of up to 10Gbps, and especially to operate hybrid cloud combining Amazon cloud and private cloud at CMC Telecom's Tier-3 data center.”

Currently, CMC Telecom is AWS Advanced Consulting Partner in Vietnam and has a team of technology experts that possess all AWS advanced certifications. In addition, CMC Telecom has successfully deployed large AWS projects for customers including Tan Hiep Phat, VTV, Annalise, AI, etc. Those are the reasons why PVcomBank selects and believes in the experience of CMC Telecom as well as AWS services in this breakthrough infrastructure upgrade.

Mr. Trinh Vinh Hien, Deputy Director of PVcomBank's information technology department said: "As one of the first banks to implement a comprehensive program of digital transformation and Open Banking, PVcomBank has determined its long-term strategy as becoming a leading digital bank in terms of digital product and service experience and performance. In an era of rapid change and distributed data, we see infrastructure automation (IaaC), cloud computing (Cloud Native), site reliability, scalability and development (SRE) as the fastest growth opportunities and long-term value chains for both PVcomBank and our customers.”

PVcomBank uses ESB - an integrated backbone system jointly deployed by CMC Telecom and AWS.

Digital transformation needs solid infrastructure

PVcomBank's digital transformation process is taking place continuously during the Covid-19 pandemic, thus it is an urgent requirement for the calculation of infrastructure resources to meet the increasing demand of customers to migrate from traditional distribution channels to digital ones. This requires PVcomBank to promote plans to ensure the continuous and stable distribution of all products and services in PVcomBank's vast digital ecosystem of customers and Open Banking partners. "One of these plans is our cooperation with partners like CMC Telecom and Amazon to build a solid infrastructure foundation to modernize the business continuity model and provide for flexible resource scalability in challenging times," said Mr. Hien.

Mr. Trinh Vinh Hien, Deputy Director of PVcomBank's information technology department gives the speech.

Continuous innovation

With such a strong platform as infrastructure, PVcomBank will continue its digital transformation journey with breakthrough technologies like AI & Machine Learning, Edge Computing, Advanced Cybersecurity, etc. to develop new and smarter products, meeting the changing market demands and bringing new values to PVcomBank's customers, with a focus on customer experience.

Mr. Trinh Vinh Hien, Deputy Director of PVcomBank's information technology department said: "The consolidation of data (Data Lake) and AI will offer insights that allow PVcomBank to determine the appropriate product package and interest rate for each customer. Also, with advanced security solutions and a model of continuous risk assessment, we believe in our ability to best protect data of customers and partners in the digital era."