Uptime Institute's expert: "CMC's DC is the most modern DC in Vietnam today!"

On 20 May 2022, CMC Telecom officially received the Uptime Institute Tier Certification of Constructed Facility for Tan Thuan Data Center. This is the first DC of Vietnam to pass 115 tests and achieve the first and only TCCF in Vietnam.

Right at 7:00 pm on 20 May 2022, after a week with 115 tests, Uptime Institute (USA) officially announced that Tan Thuan Data Center of CMC Telecom has successfully become the first Vietnamese data center to earn TCCF with the highest number of passed test. Mr. Andy Soon, head of Uptime Institute 's assessment team said: "With TCCF, Tan Thuan Data Center of CMC Telecom has proved itself to be the most modern DC in Vietnam and in no way behind international quality DCs around the world."

                                                            Tan Thuan Data Center is the first and only data center                                                             in Vietnam to achieve TCCF with the maximum number of passed tests


The first and only TCCF of Vietnam. In order to be granted TCCF, CMC Telecom must ensure to meet the very strict conditions as follows:

Constructing in accordance with the approved design for Tier III TCDD (Tier Certification Design Documents).

All equipment installed in practice must match 100% of the equipment intended to be used in the design submitted for TCDD. Each of these equipment has an identification number and is checked directly in detail one by one.

More than 113 actual operational test must be passed to prove the performance in normal and advanced operating modes, as well as in isolation mode where the equipment is taken out for maintenance and repair, and in special mode when there is a problem.

In fact, since CMC Telecom passed the maximum number of tests from Uptime with the highest quality, CMC Telecom has been "rewarded" with 3 special tests as preliminary assessment for Tier IV certification. This further confirms the absolute quality of Tan Thuan DC in the eyes of Uptime Institute team.

Uptime Institute delegation cooperates with CMC Telecom to discuss the test plan


Uptime Institute is a professional research institute for data centers and a member of the Telecommunications Industry Association. It is dedicated to helping data centers around the world to improve their operational quality and performance, as well as designing and assessing the systems at data centers through the grant of certification of compliance with the standard system of Uptime Institute.

Uptime Institute promulgates the world's most prestigious evaluation standards for the design, construction, operation, management and service stability of data centers. Its "Tier" standards are widely recognized around the world and are divided into four levels: Tier 1, Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV. Tier III is the highest level achieved by data centers in Vietnam.

Mr. Andy Soon, head of Uptime Institute delegation checks the quality of Tan Thuan DC


Tan Thuan Data Center - the most modern data center in Vietnam

Tan Thuan Data Center has just been inaugurated in May 2022, and is located in the CMC Creative Space of CMC Corporation at Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Tan Thuan Data Center has a floor area of 5,000 m2 and reserves 3,110 m2 (white space) for IT equipment with a scale of 1,200 rack cabinets, 1.603 m2 for electrical system and batteries and 287 m2 for UPS.

Tan Thuan DC's rack cabinets have design capacity of up to 20kW/rack. With the total capacity of 12.000kW, Tan Thuan DC ensures the safe operation of equipment and systems through the constant supply of electricity to IT equipment at the DC.

Tan Thuan Data Center is the largest Data Center in Vietnam


Tan Thuan Data Center is operated by a team of world-class, professional experts.

In addition to gaining recognition from Uptime Institute, Tan Thuan DC also has a professional team of experts for its operation. Mr. Le Minh Hieu, Chief Technology Officer of CMC Telecom is one of the only three Vietnamese Certified Data Center Experts (CDCE). This is the most advanced certification for data center experts, and a CDCE is also known as a "Doctor of Data Center".

Mr. Le Minh Hieu, Deputy Chief Technology Officer of CMC Telecom


Mr. Le Minh Hieu proudly said: "Since the conception of the Data Center project, the Board of Directors of CMC Corporation and CMC Telecom has been determined to build a modern DC that is not inferior to DCs of the world's leading service providers. As the project is successful in less than a year and is certified by Uptime, we are proud to say that Vietnamese technology engineers are completely on par with international experts."

Mr. Dinh Tuan Trung, D.CEO / Southern Branch Manager


Mr. Dinh Tuan Trung, D.CEO/ Director of Southern Branch said: "Tan Thuan DC is the 3rd DC of CMC Telecom, a company with 15 years of experience which is continuing to serve demanding customers such as banks, financial institutions, OTT service providers and especially organizations that are strongly implementing digital transformation. Along with TVRA - the most advanced certification for security and risk prevention for the first DC in Vietnam and PCI DSS - the first payment security certification of Vietnam, Uptime's TCCF has contributed to ensuring our customers and encouraging them to give their trust to CMC Telecom's infrastructure and services."