CMC Technology & Solution (CMC TS)

Technology Solutions - Leading to Success

Provide digital transformation consultancy for organizations and businesses, consolidate capabilities from former companies of CMC Corporation in the fields of system integration (CMC SI, CMC SISG), software solutions (CMC Soft) and information security (CMC Infosec).


Infrastructure Solutions

• Simple IT products
• Network equipment and solutions
• Microsoft products and solutions
• Servers and centralized storage system
• Infrastructure and IoT
• Database-related solutions
• Information security equipment and solutions

Infrastructure Services

 • Basic services, services with brand products
• IT system services
• Infrastructure & IoT services
• Database specialized services

Tech & Software Services

• Software solution deployment services
• Technical supporting services
• Outsourcing services
• Data Analytics service
• Risk management services
• Services of Data Lake, Robot application, AI, Big Data, etc.

Electronic government (eGov) solution

CMC TS helps organizations of the Government to complete their tasks and make the most of their resources.

IT solutions for Banking - Finance sector

In the context of technology constantly changing hourly, financial institutions will face many problems of database platform, operation of the organization ... CMC TS will bring solutions overall based on the platform, architecture, technology of the business and accompany them in the digital transformation.

Professional IT solutions for businesses and SMB

CMC TS develops technology solutions to help your business thrive in an era of constant change and increase positive consumer feedback.