CMC Telecom Specialist obtains "Certified Data Center Expert" Certificate

Pham Huy Hoang - Deputy Director of Data Center Infrastructure, CMC Telecom has successfully obtained the Certified Data Center Expert (CDCE) certificate, which is also known as a doctoral-level certificate in the field of data center.

Mr. Pham Huy Hoang - Deputy Director of Data Center Infrastructure is one of the ten Vietnamese who own CDCE certificate

CDCE is part of a training course provided by EPI - an international organization that provides in-depth training services in the field of Data Center. CDCE certifies in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the life cycle of a data center, from design, construction and operation to termination. 

To earn this certificate, EPI requires candidates to possess CDCP (Certified Data Center Professional) and CDCS (Certified Data Center Specialist) certificates as a prerequisite. In order to obtain these, a candidate needs to have a very broad knowledge in the field of Data Center including many areas like architecture, electricity, air conditioning, fire protection and telecommunications systems.

Before taking the CDCE exam, candidates must take a course with EPI's Data Center experts. These are the world's leading experts in management and operation of large Data Centers in Europe, such as Getronics, Datahouse (Netherlands), Global Switch (UK), etc. After finishing this course, candidates are challenged in 180 minutes with a multiple-choice exam of 60 questions and 25 open questions. Candidates must correctly answer at least 75% of the questions to pass.

After obtaining the CDCS certificate in early 2020, Mr. Hoang embarked on the accumulation of professional knowledge and experience for CDCE. During his two years of study, he regularly reviewed thousands of pages of English documents. Despite his rather strong language skills, many new specialized terms in the documents sometimes still make it difficult for him to understand. In addition, the costs of studying and taking the exam for the certificate are also up to hundreds of millions of VNDs. This further fueled his determination to conquer the CDCE exam.

Mr. Pham Huy Hoang - Deputy Director of Data Center Infrastructure, CMC Telecom obtains the CDCE certificate in Data Center design and construction

Mr. Hoang said: "Studying materials is just a part of the job; it is more important to put theories into practice. Working at the secure and modern CMC Tan Thuan Data Center is the biggest advantage for me to constantly apply what I've learned to real-life situations. In addition, under the guidance of Mr. Le Minh Hieu - Director of Data Center Infrastructure, one of the first three Vietnamese experts to obtain CDCE, I have been imparted with tips to take the exam and able to learn how to find key information from the huge volume of documents." 

With the knowledge and skills required to gain CDCE, experts of CMC Telecom are of the highest level to appraise, design, build and operate data centers in accordance with international standards. 

"The fact that IT experts of CMC Telecom are continuously getting leading international certifications is the proof of our determination to build a professional team to provide customers with quality services that meet international standards," said a representative of CMC Telecom.

EPI is a European organization with offices around the world, providing all kinds of data center services including auditing, certification, consulting and IT training. EPI has been offering an extensive range of Data Center infrastructure services since 1987, enabling businesses worldwide to design, deploy, optimize, test, operate and maintain their data centers. EPI certifications are widely recognized in the industry and help reinforce end-user confidence in both public and private sectors.