C-Contract – A solution to help businesses cut costs during the Covid-19 pandemic

Maintaining operations in a stable, safe, secure, and uninterrupted manner despite the social distancing orders being applied in many big cities are one of the advantages of C-Contract.

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many businesses appreciate speed and process optimization to save time and cut transaction costs. Electronic contracts are attracting businesses' interest as an alternative to traditional contracts, since they meet the above requirements and their information can easily be exchanged and shared. C-Contract is a pioneering electronic contract solution researched and developed by CMC TS to help solve the problem of digitizing the contract signing process of individuals, organizations and businesses. 

Digital transformation is no longer a trend - it is becoming a choice that decides the survival of businesses now and in the future. Many businesses have promptly changed to adapt to the difficulties brought by the pandemic to ensure stable operation and cut costs at the same time. For those who have to regularly sign a large number of contracts, the traditional way of signing contract is complicated and time-consuming (as the contract must be reviewed, modified, delivered to business partners, etc.) Also, the related printing, delivery and storage works will cost businesses a lot of time, money and personnel. Therefore, C-Contract is created to achieve the goal of solving all of the above problems.

After some time of using C-Contract, Mr. Le Huu Chung - representative of AhaMove said: "Since AhaMove started to use e-contracts, we have been able to cut up to 70% of costs compared to the traditional contract signing method. E-contract is also the most practical way for AhaMove to protect the environment. Signing hard-copy contracts is really laborious to us in terms of human resources, costs for paper, printing, storage and delivery, not to mention it is also not environment-friendly. Meanwhile, e-contract is much more cost-effective."

Compared to traditional hard-copy contracts, C-Contract excels in terms of speed, safety and security. C-Contract helps to automate the entire contract signing process; Upload contracts; Set up processes; Notice to relevant parties; Sign contracts. The signing of contract become easy as users can sign them directly and remotely using a computer, tablet or smartphone, and multiple contracts can be signed at the same time.

All user contracts will be stored in CMC's Data Center which is certified in accordance with international standards, thus making the search easy. Using C-Contract, customers can save 70% of time and costs as there are no fees for delivery, printing, storage and no risks of loss or damage, etc.

Currently, C-Contract is offering a discount of 20% and a free-of-charge HSM digital signature package to support businesses duirng the Covid pandemic.

Details of the offer:

  • 20% discount on C-Contract license fee
  • 1-year free HSM Digital Signature package- used to sign electronic contracts
  • 50% off deployment fee
  • Free consultation and demo

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