Social Listening – Made by CMC: A solution to "listen" to what the online community is talking about your brand

Social Listening - a solution created and developed by CMC Institute of Science and Technology (CIST) - is used to collect feedback about brands, products or services from social network users on Social Media platforms.

Depending on the purpose of use, Social Listening can be applied to both individual and corporate customers. The solution also ensures that no regulation on confidentiality and information security is violated as it does not collect personal information or go into deep analysis of the portrait of customers.

Why is Social Listening created?

The development and dynamics of Social Media have a significant impact on and directly affect how businesses approach their customers. Experience of target customers on social media channels become important data for businesses to access and turn it into business opportunities, thus increase their competitiveness in the market.
CIST launched Social Listening to meet the needs of collecting user feedback on public platforms. From there, a Made by CMC and Make in Vietnam product can be provided to potential customers.

                                      Social Listening- a solution created and developed by                                        CMC Institute of Science and Technology (CIST)

Outstanding advantages of Social Listening Made by CMC

Social Listening is a tool to capture information on social media channels with the aim of determining the level of influence of brands, businesses, strategies, campaigns and products through the feedback of social network users according to the following process:

Collecting data;

Exporting data

Catagorizing data;

Analyzing data;

Making recommendations.

This solution helps businesses improve operations in many aspects by following comment threads of users. From there, they can promote the optimization of information monitoring activities in many areas through advanced analytics such as: analyzing comment nuances, doing smart statistics with various data sources, and quickly searching in Big Data warehouse.

With a large and diverse Big Data warehouse, the solution will provide indicators that affect user feedback, as well as the contents to be listened to, thus contribute to helping brands to grasp the information more quickly.

Currently, Social Listening Made by CMC is capable of delivering a multi-dimensional analysis of data based on graph inference and AI models for natural language processing with high accuracy, which can optimize resources and collect data by field to warn of media crisis and support data on various platforms: social media, press, website, forum, etc.

At an in-depth level, this solution can analyze market research data by tracing the source of information, analyzing the characteristics of each customer group, thus determining potential customer accounts.

Social Listening Made by CMC is capable of delivering multi-dimensional analysis of data based on graph inference and AI models for natural language processing with high accuracy.

The right hand of businesses on digital platform

Currently, Social Listening - Made by CMC is being used by several real estate companies to listen to customers' opinions, manage media crisis and find potential customers.

For most businesses, marketing activities mainly focus on three factors: brand, consumer and communication. Among which, "consumer" is a problem to which an answer is always hard to find, and businesses must look for the needs of consumers everywhere before making marketing plans.

In addition, businesses often find it difficult to effectively control and monitor an ongoing campaign, thus to make timely adjustments to keep the plan on the right track. Social Listening is an effective and indispensable tool for businesses at this step. Not only that, Social Listening also offers many other useful solutions for businesses, which help to save marketing costs and still ensure high efficiency.