CMC WAF - Firewall to protect enterprise websites

CMC Web Application Firewall is part of the information security suite provided by CMC Cyber Security, which is integrated with AI to help businesses quickly detect and protect against zero-day threats and vulnerabilities.

This is a solution that provides businesses with integrated services on cloud to protect websites and APIs against attacks and threats, both known and unknown, with powerful AI-integrated ruleset tools to help improve their performance.


Prominent features of CMC WAF  

  • Application protection

CMC WAF protects websites against OWASP's top 10 threats, including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection.

It protects websites against application layer DDoS attacks (layer 7): All incoming traffics are continuously counted, and if they exceed the threshold, a check is performed to verify that they come from human.

Virtual patching vulnerabilities: CMC WAF creates a virtual shield to help protect the website against attack risks while the actual vulnerabilities are being patched.

HTTPS/SSL over WAF: Data transmission between administrators and users is constantly secured using SSL Certificates of WAF.

  • Powerful, easy-to-customize ruleset

CMC CS constantly researches and improves the detection and mitigation of threats. In addition, CMC WAF allows users to add their own custom rules or enable/disable any existing rules.

  • Real-time Monitoring & Analytics

CMC WAF provides real-time insights into web traffic and security events.

  • Use of AI to detect abnormal behavior

The ability to detect new threats and zero-day vulnerabilities is improved by utilizing CMC SOC AI-powered topic modeling to detect unusual application requests and determine if they pose a threat.

  • CMC Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is a database of threats and vulnerabilities that can be exploited in cyberspace. CMC TI is researched, developed and optimized by experts of CMC Cyber Security, helping to reduce the false positive rate, thus saving time for management activities.

CMC WAF uses CMC TI to help detect and prevent threats from attacking websites

In addition, CMC WAF also offers customers a lot of benefits and advantages:

  • 24/7 protection of applications and websites against OWASP's top 10 threats, including Cross-site Scripting and SQL Injection.
  • Dashboard interface helps to easily manage firewall operations and network traffic.
  • Use of AI and Machine Learning to instantly detect threats.
  • Easy-to-customize rulesets for firewall to suit the characteristics of customers
  • Easy to scale thanks to being integrated on cloud.
  • Compliance with the PCI-DSS card data security standard for banks.

CMC Web Application Firewall is part of the information security suite provided by CMC Cyber Security, which is integrated with AI

In terms of operating mechanism, CMC WAF provides a continuous protection for websites and applications through network traffic analysis, and only allows valid access requests to get through.

Currently, firewall is gradually becoming an indispensable part for businesses' websites. This is a safe, effective and necessary security solution for any business.