C-Contract helps Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage shorten the time to sign international contracts

The C-Contract solution of CMC Technology & Solution (CMC TS) not only helps Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage sign electronic employment contracts with employees and agents in 63 provinces and cities across the country, but also serve the signing of international e-contracts.

C-Contract – automate the entire contract signing process

C-Contract is a pioneering electronic contract solution researched and developed by CMC TS to help solve the problem of digitizing contract signing process between businesses, businesses and partners, and businesses and individuals.

C-Contract is developed to serve the signing of contracts, documents and minutes between parties and partners, using electronic method and digital signature. Especially, in the current context of Covid-19 pandemic, C-Contract is the solution for those who need to sign contracts but cannot meet face-to-face.

With C-Contract, businesses have the opportunity to experience the following benefits: Automation of the entire contract signing process; Able to sign multiple contract at once, remotely, anytime and anywhere; All digital signatures can be applied; Smart storage, maximum security, easy retrieval; Save 70% of time and costs.

C-Contract is developed by CMC TS after examining the operation process including many steps such as: doing statistics of the number of contracts and number of electronic signatures, etc. In order to best serve all customers, CMC TS has built C-Contract into a dynamic platform where customers will configure and deploy business processes by themselves. Later, if one process is changed, the business can do it on their own without having to depend on CMC TS.

C-Contract is developed by CMC TS. After nearly 2 years of launching, there are more than 30 large customers who regularly use the C-Contract solution.

C-Contract has helped Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage sign 12,000 contracts

Currently, C-Contract is being used by Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage. During the complicated pandemic, Pepsico faces difficulties in signing contracts with its employees, agents and especially international partners. The company wants CMC TS to provide a solution to help with the situation.

In addition, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage has more than 22,000 contracts and documents to sign every year. The complicated and time-consuming contract signing process with 9 steps leads to the risk of document loss and makes it difficult to retrieve contract information when needed.

The problem posed for CMC TS is that how C-Contract can help Pepsico sign contracts anywhere in the world at anytime without needing to meet face-to-face and interrupting business operations. At the same time, the contracts must be consistent with international law.

The engineers of CMC TS and CMC TSSG together have built an integrated C-Contract system following international standards that enables foreigners to access the system as well as electronic signatures. In addition, DocuSign - an international e-contract management system that serves all countries around the world is also integrated into C-Contract. With these integrations, C-Contract is able to best solve Pepsico's problem.

After being put into operation, C-Contract has helped PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage sign about 12,000 e-contracts, including those with retail suppliers. The solution enables Pepsico to quickly sign contracts, save administrative costs and waste no time for waiting; at the same time, it changes the traditional contract signing with electronic method to build paperless and digital businesses.

"This digital contract signing project means a lot to SPVB. Digital signature and e-contract are also extremely efficient transitions for SPVB to adapt to the new normal. We are a large business alliance with a huge number of contracts and papers to sign. Sometime, tons of contract and documents need to be signed for a single project. Thanks to the completion of this digital contract signing project, we no longer need to print out all the contracts or move between locations to sign them. If there are changes, it is also easier to amend the contracts and close the deal in no time. With the support from CMC TS, the project has been successful," said the representative of SPVB.

According to the Labor Code, from 1 January 2021, electronic employment contracts will be officially used and have the same effects as hard-copy ones. In the future, all business selling goods or transacting online will need electronic documents. Therefore, C-Contract is considered to be the trend for contract signing in the coming time. CMC TS expects this to be one of the first products to expand and develop CMC's cloud-based software across Vietnam.