CMC Ciber changes its name to CMC Consulting

On 31 March 2022, CIBER-CMC Joint Venture Corporation, member company of CMC Corporation, changed its name to CMC Consulting Joint Stock Company, with the vision of becoming a leading company in consulting solutions for corporate governance and digital transformation.

Transform to accomplish the big goal

Realizing the common goal of CMC Corporation – becoming the leading digital company with billions of dollars in revenue in the 2021 - 2025 period, CMC Consulting aims to become a provider of corporate governance solutions and digital transformation consulting services through the word "Consulting" in its new name.

From now until 2025, CMC Consulting will invest in strongly developing resources and a team of corporate governance experts from CMC Corporation's Technology & Solution department, which act as the foundation for providing effecting digital transformation solutions to domestic enterprises and corporations as well as conquering the very potential domestic market. The company will provide its customers with corporate governance solutions and software services of the best quality and suitable to the practical situation at competitive prices.

CMC Consulting office with new brand identity.

CMC Consulting also accompanies enterprises on the journey to optimize production processes, reducing costs and obtaining the highest investment efficiency thanks to the application of modern technologies and inheritance of management experience accumulated from successful enterprises around the world.

In addition, CMC Consulting also creates new CMC branded products and develops an elite team of consultants with profound understanding of industry solutions.

Not only that, the company also has ambitions for new breakthroughs in the international market with two areas of Outsourcing (providing resources to deploy according to customer needs) and Managed Services (supporting operations after the expiration of warranty period).