CMC TS deploys automated warehouse for Binh Thuan International Joint Stock Company

On March 29, 2022, CMC Technology and Solution Co., Ltd. (CMC TS) launched the SAP B1-based automated warehouse project for Binh Thuan International Joint Stock Company (BTI) to help optimize warehouse management process and improve productivity.

Binh Thuan International Joint Stock Company (BTI) is a Vietnamese company specializing in assembling and manufacturing particular products of vacuum cleaners, desk lamps, tabletop magnifying glass, etc. for export to the US and Mexico.

Up to now, all of BTI's warehouse management activities have been done manually. Since there is no IT system for automated management, BTI has difficulty controlling the goods. The company is often at risk of mistakenly assembling due to taking the wrong product samples, and finds it difficult to check and control inventory in real time. Warehouse staff and managers cannot identify location of the goods, so mistakes are often caused when it comes to taking goods from the right batch or the right lot. Facing such business challenges, BTI sets out a comprehensive digital transformation strategy, the first step of which is to automate warehouse management activities to help control operations and production processes.

The launching ceremony of C-WMS Automated Warehouse project at the headquarters of Binh Thuan International Joint Stock Company.

After surveying business procedures and size of BTI and based on experience from the deployment of solutions for manufacturing companies with similar business size, CMC TS advises BTI to use the automated warehouse solution C-WMS (CMC Warehouse Management) developed by CMC TS on the basis of SAP B1. This is the first project in BTI's digital transformation strategy.

C-WMS solution will assist BTI to optimize warehouse management process, thereby improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.

SAP B1-based C-WMS solution is suitable for warehouse operations of manufacturing companies. C-WMS closely and coherently integrates all warehouse operations and goods management processes. The solution is fully compatible and able to be integrated into ERP system to answer and respond to operations in the system, promote the performance of sales, purchasing and production, thus help businesses accurately estimate raw material needs, production time and delivery time.

C-WMS solution digitizes warehouse operations as well as goods purchase and sale. Warehouse operations are tracked, making it easy for the business to trace when errors occur, thus improve working processes and methods as well as minimize errors.

Thanks to C-WMS, operation, input-output and inventory data are all stored directly in a unified warehouse management system. Data is generated anywhere at anytime instead of just being entered into computers as before, which reduces the time spent for manual data entry. As a result, the business can save its operating costs by minimizing the use of paper.

When being officially put into operation, C-WMS will assist BTI to optimize its warehouse management process, thereby improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness of the business compared to other competitors.

Mr. Nguyen Kim Cuong- Director of Small and Medium Enterprise Solutions, CMC TS and Ms. Tran Thi Thuy - General Director of BTI.

Mr. Nguyen Kim Cuong – Director of Small and Medium Enterprise Solutions, CMC TS said: "CMC TS wishes to deploy the best technology solutions for BTI such as automated warehouses and ERP, as well as better production management and quality management solutions, to accompany BTI in its digital transformation strategy."

Ms. Tran Thi Thuy – General Director of BTI emphasized: "BTI really wants that intellectual and technological products of CMC TS can be present at BTI. Our management board is determined to see the digital transformation strategy through to the end. Like building a house, BTI and CMC TS will together lay each brick towards comprehensive digital transformation, thus bring changes to BTI's production and business management activities."