CMC Cyber Security receives VNISA Information Security Award for the 5th consecutive year

On the morning of 29 November 2019, Vietnam Information Security Day 2019 was held by Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA). At the event, VNISA announced the voting results for information security products and services in 2019 and granted the award to CMC Cyber Security (a company under CMC Corporation).

This is the 5th consecutive year that CMC Cyber Security receives VNISA Information Security Award (since 2015 when the program was launched to evaluate, recognize and honor information security products and services of good quality). This year, CMC Cyber Security has 3 award-winning products: CMDD - malware prevention and centralized management solution for enterprises, which won the "2019 Award for High-quality Information Security Product"; CryptoShield - anti-data encryption software, which won the "2019 Award for Excellent New Security Product", and CMC Security Operation Center (CMC SOC), which won the award for "Prominent Information Security Service in 2019". At the awarding ceremony on the morning of 29 November 2019, Mr. Ha The Phuong (Deputy General Director of CMC Cyber Security) received medals of the three awards.

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All award-winning products and services are developed by Vietnamese IT engineers of CMC Cyber Security. The CMDD anti-malware solution is upgraded on CISE software platform, which now integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect abnormalities, analyze and identify malicious behaviors. In terms of ransomware (a type of malware which aims to force the victim to pay a ransom), CMC CryptoShield is able to fight against all types of ransomware, most notably WannaCry, which was spread worldwide in 2017. Launched and operated from the end of 2017, CMC NextGen SOC - the new-generation security operation center of CMC can monitor, detect and automatically respond to all information security incidents, using advanced technology combining AI - Machine Learning and Automation, enabling early detection of abnormal signs.

With the topic of "Enhancing national network safety and cyber security in a digital age", Vietnam Information Security Day 2019 brought together many domestic and international network security experts to discuss cyber security development as well as solutions to improve Vietnam's information security capacity. The highlight of the event was when leaders of the Government, National Committee of e-Government and leaders of large information security enterprises together press the button to launch the Information Security Monitoring System for e-Government. At the seminar on improving Vietnam's information security capacity, chaired by Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung - Director General of Information Security Department (Ministry of Information & Communications), Mr. Ta Hoang Linh (Deputy General Director of CMC TS, General Director of CMC Cyber Security) said that, currently, the number of entities working on information security products in Vietnam is not much. However, each has their own different strength, so it is necessary for Vietnam to form an alliance for malware prevention and information security towards the common goal of the country. In the afternoon seminars, cyber security experts of CMC also gave presentations on topics of "Platforms to ensure multi-layered information security for e-Government system" (by Mr. Nguyen Minh Thanh - Product Development Expert of CMC Cyber Sercurity) and "Ensuring the safety of data and personal information in cyberspace" (by Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh - Expert of CMC TS).

CMC Cyber Security Limited Company (CMC Cyber Security) was established in 2008 (formerly CMC Infosec) with the mission of developing information security products and services for individuals and enterprises, as well as malware prevention solutions and information security services. Among the staff of 100 people, CMC Cyber Security has over 50 leading engineers in the field of security and IT, who possess international security qualifications and certifications, such as PCI QSA, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, CEH, etc. and experience in handling major information security incidents in Vietnam. 100% of products and services of CMC Cyber Security on the market are researched and developed by Vietnamese people, which are flexible and meet demands of different customers, from the Government sector to the financial sector, from enterprises to individual users. CMC Cyber Security is currently the only Vietnamese member of Association of anti Virus Asia Researchers (AVAR) and International Computer Security Association (ICSA). All products and services provided by CMC Cyber Security are strictly regulated by international standards and backed by security experts from reputable organizations.