CMC honored as one of the companies with best working environment in Asia in 2020

Recently, HR Asia, the leading Asian human resources magazine has assessed and recognized CMC Corporation as one of over 60 outstanding businesses in Vietnam to win the prestigious award of HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia in 2020. On the evening of 1 July 2020, Mr. Dang The Tai (Director General of CMC TSSG), Mr. Dinh Tuan Trung (Director of CMC Telecom, Southern Branch), Ms. Nguyen Dieu Anh (Head of HR Department, CMC Corp.) and Ms. Tran Thi Hoai Phuong (Deputy Head of HR Department, CMC Telecom

HR Asia Awards is a prestigious award in Asia, conferred by HR Asia, the leading Asian human resources magazine, in order to honor companies with the best working environment across the continent.  The award ceremony has been held in many countries in the region, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and since 2018, Vietnam.

Mr. Dinh Tuan Trung, Ms. Tran Thi Hoai Phuong, Ms. Nguyen Dieu Anh and Mr. Dang The Tai represent CMC Group to attend the award ceremony

The criteria of the award include an assessment of business culture as well as the engagement and job satisfaction. In addition to conducting surveys, HR Asia also organizes visits to observe working environment and direct interviews with the management, as well as conducts independent research through senior experts and media experts in Vietnam. Through the program, HR Asia found that many companies in Asia have a professional working environment on par with leading companies in the world.

In order to be honored as one of the Best Companies To Work For In Asia in 2020, CMC has passed 3 rounds of assessment in the last March and April:

  • Round 1: Independent research of HR Asia on the working environment of the company through information from the media, newspapers and opinions of industry experts
  • Round 2: Survey on the engagement of officers and employees with the company. To get the opinions, the board of organizers conducted surveys for employees of the company based on the Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM) developed from the Employee Input Survey (EIS) previously implemented, including 3 criteria: Heart - emotional connection, Mind - thoughts and motivations, Soul - beliefs and attitudes. In addition, the board also added 3 new criteria, which are: Think – collective awareness, Feel – workplace emotions and Do – collective action.
  • Round 3: Visiting the company, interviewing Board of Management and assessing the effectiveness of policies and sustainable HR strategy of the company.

After assessing and comparing the results among a total of 378 Vietnamese companies registered to participate in the assessment, CMC was honored to be selected by HR Asia as one of over 60 businesses to win the HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia award. The companies honored with HR Asia awards are all leading names in different fields.

CMC passed 3 rounds of assessment to be honored as one of the companies with the best working environment in Asia in 2020

Speaking at the award ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Dieu Anh, Head of HR Department, CMC Corp. said:

“Thank you, HR Asia, for your award and a wonderful award ceremony, for leading companies in Asia and Vietnam to look back on their development and improve their human resources and working environment. CMC Corporation is also very proud to win this prestigious award for the first time.

Founded in 1993, CMC always carries with it the aspiration to conquer the digital world and become the top digital transformation partner of businesses and organizations. We believe that only Happy Employees can make Success Journeys. Therefore, we always try our best to build a happy working environment for our employees. In addition, we always welcome new talents from everywhere to join CMC and conquer new heights. ”

Ms. Nguyen Dieu Anh, Head of HR Department, CMC Corp. speaks at the ceremony

Over 27 years of relentless transformation and development, CMC has become a strong brand in the field of information technology and telecommunications in both domestic and regional market. CMC focuses on technology and service; the company's value is human and its core competitiveness is based on human capacity.

When being asked about what makes him most content with during the journey of sailing the CMC boat to the sea, Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh - Chairman of Board of Directors/CEO of CMC Corporation said: “What makes me most proud of CMC is its 3,000 officers and employees. Over the past 27 years, we have been working, dedicating ourselves and contributing physical and intellectual values to the society and the country, as well as joining hands for information technology and telecommunications to become an important industry in Vietnam. "

Founded by friends who joined hands to create a business, CMC people always consider each other partners and relatives to build a big family. More than being colleagues and partners is the motivation for CMC to constantly try to build the "most coveted working environment in Vietnam"

This is the first time CMC Corporation has received the HR Asia Awards

With 4 EVP (Employee Value Proposition) values in talent development activities: Competitive and unlimited income -  Open opportunities for training, development and promotion - Aspiring working environment that fosters creativity – Recruiters always bring about great experience for candidates, the doors of CMC family are always open, ready to welcome new members and give them the right opportunity according to their ability.

Keeping in mind that "The best HR strategy is recruiting, training and paying employees so that they can come up with the best strategies for the future," CMC always attaches importance to creating conditions for its employees to be trained and learn from experts and their own colleagues. Whether an employee chooses to pursue a management job or to focus on professional development, CMC will make every effort to offer them the best promotion opportunities. CMC is always willing to look over, assist and design training programs to help its employees make great progress, to go beyond their limits and to develop their career in each stage.

CMC is proud to be one of the few companies to have its own Science and Technology Institute, Innovation Fund, Innovation Center, Resources Development Center, etc. which bear the name of CMC. The biggest goal of CMC when establishing these organizations is to encourage CMC people to be creative, to transform and contribute to making the society better and better.

CMC understands that family is the launching pad for each individual's career, and a stable family life is the most solid way to motivate each person to develop. Therefore, CMC always pays attention to family-oriented welfare policies in order to bring happy experience to its employees, such as: Insurance for family members, Study Promotion Program, Child Apprenticeship Program, Family Day, etc. CMC wants it employees to understand that: “Your family is also our family”