CMC Telecom becomes Premier Partner of Google. How does this benefit its customers?

On 28 May 2021, CMC Telecom became the first Sell Premier Partner of Google in Vietnam. Accordingly, CMC Telecom is also the only Vietnamese network operator up to this point that is globally certified as a Premier Partner of Google Cloud.

This is also the first time that Vietnamese businesses have been served by a "premier partner" of Google.

Premier Partner - The global prestigious certification for distributors

According to the Google Cloud Platform system, the Google Partners program has altogether 3 levels: Member, Partner, and the highest level - Premier Partner.

The title of Google Premier Partner is awarded to the top 3% of companies in the Google Partners program each year, and is the highest honor of the program.  This title is a proof of the business' expertise to customers, and also poses as a challenge to stay at the forefront of the industry and continuously grow.

Premier Partner is Google Cloud's prestigious global certification that any distributor wants to achieve. With a global connection infrastructure, Google Cloud makes the connection between Google data centers around the globe much faster and with the lowest latency. The system will run with other Google services such as YouTube, Gmail, Android, etc. on on the same infrastructure of Google Cloud.

Proof of the capability of CMC Telecom

Seizing the opportunity, CMC Telecom acted very quickly to achieve Premier Partner certification after only 4 months.

To become a Premier Partner of Google, all consultants and technicians of CMC Telecom are required to complete and pass all Google professional exams and tests. In addition to the professional requirements, in order to achieve and maintain Google Premier Partner certification, CMC Telecom must consistently maintain high actual spending as well as a large volume of accounts and excellent service quality specifications.

The highly professional technicians of CMC Telecom.

Talking about this, Mr. Dang Tung Son - DCEO/CMO of CMC Telecom said: “ The fact that CMC Telecom becomes a global Premier Partner of Google Cloud not only helps our customers to receive in-depth advice and the best incentives for products and services in the Google Cloud ecosystem, but also is the commitment of Google and CMC Telecom to accompany them throughout the process of digital transformation ”.

Efficiency for businesses is a top priority

With 13 years of establishment and development, CMC Telecom always wants to bring to customers services of the highest quality according to the 5-star international standard. By becoming the first Sell Premier Partner of Google in Vietnam, CMC Telecom will deliver to its customers a lot of benefits.

  1. Cooperation with a highly professional team: Customers can work with the best experts of Google, who have been certified by Google's rigorous certification system.
  2. Excellent customer service: Customers are assured of the credibility and reliability by CMC Telecom. They will not have to worry about fraud, lack of transparency, appropriation of budget, etc., which can happen when they cooperate with unofficial partners.
  3. Work and get direct support from Google: Working with CMC Telecom means working directly with Google. CMC Telecom is assisted by seasoned experts of Google. When problems arise, customers of CMC Telecom will be given priority to solve them quickly without having to wait or their business being affected.
  4. Priority to update new services and features from Google: Only Premier Partners can have priority access to the latest products or features from Google.

Becoming the first Sell Premier Partner of Google in Vietnam once again helps CMC Telecom assert its reputation and position as well as its solid and extensive technology foundation. Most importantly, this also demonstrates the stability and the highest level of interest of CMC Telecom in taking care of and accompanying its customers. It is also a testament to the trust and satisfaction of CMC Telecom's customers during the past 13 years.

CMC Telecom is a member of CMC Corporation with 28 years of development. In 2019, the Samsung Group purchased 30% of CMC's shares to support it to become a technology corporation that provides professional and high-end digital transformation services.  CMC Telecom is also the only Vietnamese telecommunications infrastructure enterprise with a foreign shareholder, i.e. TIME dotCOM (Malaysia).