CMC Telecom livestreams about Google's Marketing platform and opportunities for Vietnamese businesses

CMC Telecom and Google gave an overview of Google applications as well as challenges for businesses to effectively apply Cloud tools and services for business development.

On the morning of 23 June, CMC Telecom together with Google hosted a livestream about "Intelligent data analysis, the secret of growth behind Google's platform", which attracted nearly 5,000 views on online platforms.

“Fear of being left behind or being afraid of using new technology” are two worries that Vietnamese businesses are facing in the process of digital transformation. Therefore, at the webinar, speakers from CMC Telecom and Google gave an overview of Google's applications as well as the challenges for businesses to effectively apply Cloud tools and services for business development.

Important technology platforms for Marketing - Sales in the new era

The seminar emphasized on Customer Data Platform (CDP), which is an important foundation for analysis customer data and behaviors. From which, CDP helps businesses plan Marketing-Sales strategies when approaching customers with technology. Experts from Google and CMC Telecom also provided the community with knowledge about Google Marketing Platform (GMP), a strong platform for Marketing tools that can be used by both SMEs and large-scale, global enterprises.

Mr. Le Anh Vu (white shirt) and Mr. Le Quoc Vinh - Vice President of CSMO Vietnam at the seminar.

CMC Telecom, a Premier Partner of Google is ready to support businesses in digital transformation

With the advantage of connection infrastructure and Data Center meeting international standards, CMC Telecom is currently the only telecommunications partner of Google in Vietnam that is recognized as a Premier Partner. To be designated by Google as the only Premier Partner in Vietnam, CMC Telecom has prepared strong human resources to be ready to help businesses build data mining strategies using CDP, GCP and GMP.

At the seminar, Mr. Le Anh Vu - CIO of CMC Telecom said: "Currently, CMC Telecom is officially a "global premier partner" of Google, and at the same time, with careful preparation and strong investment in resources, we always want to help Vietnamese businesses access and use Google's services with the best quality in order to bring optimal efficiency to customers."
CMC Telecom builds specialized and professional training resources to help customers feel safe when using services. Currently, CMC Telecom has over 200 technicians holding Google cloud computing certificates, professional certificates of Cloud security, especially AI and Big Data. The important thing is that CMC Telecom categorizes its services according to each customer segment to ensure a deep understanding of customers in each specific industry, such as: Banking & Finance, Retail, E-commerce, Manufacturing, etc.

Mr. Le Anh Vu – CIO of CMC Telecom

“Golden opportunity” for businesses' digital transformation with Google Cloud

At the seminar, many questions were raised: “Enterprises now use a lot of different tools and services from many different providers; especially, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) prefer free tools. Can Google Cloud solve this problem? Is it necessary to use all of Google's tools, or can third-party solutions be integrated?" Or: “What kind of businesses should use CDP? Should SMEs use CDP?"

According to Mr. Le Anh Vu - CIO of CMC Telecom, "Google and CMC Telecom now both provide cloud computing services. For large enterprises who already have a complete technology team and high-end infrastructure, CMC Telecom will help them operate. Meanwhile, for small and medium-sized enterprises where infrastructure is yet available, CMC Telecom is willing to let them use our infrastructure, or Google's. Cloud computing models help businesses minimize their dependence on infrastructure, personnel and expertise. CMC Telecom and Google will help businesses deal with infrastructure, personnel and some specific expertise.”
In agreement with this viewpoint, Mr. Lex Nguyen - Southeast Asia partnership development manager of Google also said: “Cloud helps businesses not only cut costs, but also meet the needs of customers without having to make any upfront investments. Google and CMC Telecom always want to help customers access technology in the easiest and most effective way.”


He added: “The collection of customer data is not only for sales, but also for us to understand customers' feelings about the products we provide, their preferences by gender, age, occupation, etc. Deep understanding of customers will help businesses in their product development, shaping consumption habits, giving production orientation and providing better customer care.”
It often costs small and medium-sized enterprises with limited resources a lot on collecting data, analyzing them and drawing out marketing indicators. Understanding the current problems of Vietnamese businesses, CMC Telecom offers specialized solution packages for both small and large businesses to exploit CDP, GMP and GCP.

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