CMC Telecom on the future of Vietnam's Digital Hub at VNNIC forum

On 24 June, at the discussion of "Vietnam - The next Asia Digital Hub" in the VNNIC Internet Conference 2022, CMC Telecom affirmed that the digital infrastructure it builds will help make Vietnam the Digital Hub of the region.

CMC Telecom wants to make Vietnam the “Digital Hub” of Asia

The ICT infrastructure draft planning for 2021-2030 period developed by Ministry of Information and Communications has set development requirements so that by 2030, Vietnam will become a "Digital Hub", i.e. a place to transfer, connect, store and process data of the region and the world. In fact, Vietnam is having a great opportunity to become a point of connection and data storage of ASEAN as well as Asia-Pacific region.

During the discussion at the seminar of "The future of Internet" held by VNNIC on 24 June 2022, representing leaders of CMC Telecom, Mr. Dang Tung Son - DCEO/CMO also said at the discussion of "Vietnam - the next Asia Digital Hub": "For Vietnam to catch up with the 4.0 train, develop based on high technology and become a digital hub, the prerequisite is digital infrastructure. CMC Telecom's strategy is to cooperate with the world's leading technology companies to turn Vietnam into a Digital Hub of the region, alongside Hong Kong and Singapore.”


Mr. Dang Tung Son - DCEO/CMO of CMC Telecom shares his thought at the discussion in VNNIC conference

As the only telecomm infrastructure company of Vietnam with foreign shareholder (TIME dotCom - Top2 telecom group in Malaysia), CMC Telecom has gradually invested in expanding connectivity infrastructure network to countries of the region and the world. Currently, CMC owns the backbone network of CVCS (Cross Vietnam Cable System), the first Vietnamese cable route connecting across Southeast Asia, which is directly connected to the A-Grid telecommunications network infrastructure and 05 international cable routes: AAE1, APG, A-Grid, Unity and Faster. CMC Telecom is also one of the first three institutions in the world to have MEF 3.0 certification - the proof of its competence in providing the highest quality Ethernet connectivity service on the market, based on globally recognized standards.


CMC Telecom's stall at VNNIC event on 24 June attracts the interest of many visitors

Data center: The core infrastructure in the Digital Hub development strategy

Vietnam also has to compete with other countries, especially Thailand and Malaysia in the race to become the next digital hub of the region, following Singapore and Hong Kong. In fact, Vietnam has more potentials and advantages. However, to achieve this goal, Vietnam needs to improve and further enhance its digital infrastructure.

With the spririt of "bring Vietnamese data to store in Vietnam", CMC Telecom has quickly and "strongly" invested in building a modern Data Center system to synchronize and complete the national digital infrastructure towards the goal of making Vietnam a data storage and processing hub of the region and the world.

Up to now, CMC Telecom is the owner of 3 neutral Data Centers. These are the first Data Centers in Vietnam to have PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification for banking and finance sector. These Data Centers are operated by a team of intensively trained experts with international certificates such as CDCE, CDCS, CDCP, CDFOM, etc.

In early 2022, CMC Telecom finished building Tan Thuan Data Center (in HCMC) and putting it into operation. The Uptime Tier III-certified data center covers an area of 10,000 m2 with 1,200 high-capacity racks of up to 20kw/rack. In May 2022, Uptime Institute also officially announced that Tan Thuan Data Center has successfully earned the first Tier Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF) with the highest number of passed tests in Vietnam to date - thus become the most modern and secure data center in Vietnam.


Tan Thuan Data Center is the most modern and secure data center in Vietnam according to international standards

"After evaluating factors such as: Convenient geographical location, open and consistent policies, diversified connectivity infrastructure, large-scale neutral Data Center, ability to attract the participation and presence of leading IT companies, etc., international experts as well as CMC Telecom believe that Vietnam has all the conditions to become the next digital center of the region", said Mr. Dang Tung Son.


Delegates participating in the seminar at the event

VNNIC Internet Conference 2022 is organized by Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC) in Da Nang City from 22 to 25 June 2022, with a series of events including: 03 workshops and 01 seminar on "The future of the Internet" chaired by Ministry of Information and Communications. The discussion of "Vietnam - the next Asia Digital Hub" is included in the event, and is attended by Mr. Nguyen Hong Thang - Director of Vietnam Internet Center; Mr. Sureswaran Ramadass - President of IPv6 Forum Malaysia; Mr. Jimmy Nguyen - Founder & President of BSV Blockchain; Mr. Dang Tung Son - DCEO of CMC Telecom, etc.